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  1. No, if I’m not getting any error messages would anything show up? Thanks.
  2. Recently when I start my car up, it makes this noise, after a few seconds it stops. If the engine is warm, like if I have popped into the shop, when I get back in the car it doesn’t make the noise. Any idea what the noise could be? Thanks! https://youtube.com/shorts/no4fC4lpFgw?feature=share It is a 12 plate ecoboost focus. I’ve asked on some Facebook groups and have had no replies at all! Thanks
  3. Hi my car is making a noise on start up that stops again after a few seconds. I have tried to attach a video but it has to be a particular format. Does anyone know how to change an iPhone video format to: pdf, gif, png, jpg, jpeg, txt thanks!
  4. When I open the boot, it’s got a few drops of rain water on the right hand side in this little hole bit by the light, but I can’t work out where from..... I can’t see how any rain water can be getting in there! When I move the seat down, where it dips in, is also a bit wet, and then goes to the floor. Along the edge of the boot, right along the right hand side is wet! I had the rear vents resealed a year ago, no water is in the spare wheel area, that’s dry? even my pushchair in the boot has now gone mouldy because it’s damp!! I poured a jug of water over the lights and looked undern
  5. Hello. Thanks for the link, I’ve had a look but it’s actually a different issue, that is regarding the degas hose which I’ve already had replaced a few months back. This is for the heater matrix pipes. Thanks
  6. Hello. I have a 12 plate Ford Focus 1.0 ecoboost, I started getting a bit of coolant in the footwell. I dabbed the o ring pipe with kitchen roll and it was getting pink coolant on it! I went to a local garage near me, and told them I’ve done my research and that I believe the clips and seals need changing on these pipes. They’d never done that before. They phoned ford and ford apparently said to them that it could make it worse, if it does, il need a new heater matrix. I said let’s just risk the seals and clips. Anyway, they changed them for me and when picking up my car, they said that my car
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