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  1. Increasing The Turbo Boost

    does anybody know how to increase the boost pressure on my turbo diesel? or do you have to do it through the ECU? i want more power through my turbo, my car has got a little kick from the turbo now, but i reckon i can get more boost. and hopefully im goin get it done soon, just wanted some info if anyone else has done this?
  2. K&n Panel Filter

    looks like ive posted a post thats touched a few nerves... sorry guys nd thanx for all your info nd experiances
  3. 40Mm Lowering Spring Kit For My Focus

    looks like im forgettin the idea of lowering then, if youve had a bad experiance in the past with lowering springs, i will deffo give it a miss, 2007 plate ford focus drives like a dream at the min, a really comfy drive, dont want ruin it now
  4. 40Mm Lowering Spring Kit For My Focus

    thanks for that mate, think i will give them a miss then, i wouldnt mind the low look but if its going to effect the handling ill definatly give it a miss :) the only reason i wanted it lowering is because i have just had a nice set of 18" alloys on and it would look nice lowered by 40mm, but it looks ok so im not going ruin a good car.
  5. ive bin told if i have these springs fitted to my car, my car will drive different and it wont feel as good to drive? is this true because i thought with putting modified springs on the car would have a better handling and smoother drive? the springs im having on are "essex racing 40mm lowering springs" which connect onto my original shocks
  6. K&n Panel Filter

    i had a K&N panel filter to replace my old paper air filter about 3 weeks ago, its supposed to let the engine breath better, increasing BHP and low range torque... are they really worth the money ??
  7. TDCI Exahust system! help !

    back box is now on! car feels much better now, turbo kik is back, the garage has put me a performance box in, it sounds bob on! :) everything ok now thanks for every1s advice :)
  8. TDCI Exahust system! help !

    thanks everyone going have my back box reinstalled at 2 this afternoon, so will post later to let everyone know if its worked or not lol
  9. TDCI Exahust system! help !

    the blokes who fitted my exhuast are supposed to be top notch, they do custom exhaust, airfilters and ecu remmapping, the works they have told me the problem i am having is there isnt enough back pressure in my exhaust due to them removing the back box, but i didnt no diesels have back pressure like a petrol engine??? but i maybe wrong? but if anyone knows bout backpressure on diesel engines, id appreciate the info. the back box that they are refitting on my car is similiar they say but wont be as big to give a better sound, so after saturday i shall find out if the power is back to normal.
  10. Focus cc

    i have got the 1.6TDCI focus (109bhp) and for a diesel the power is impressive, i havent ever driven a petrol focus, but everyone i speak to prefers the turbo diesel for the torque, i am having mine re-mapped soon (dont no if this is an option with the petrol engines??). the only other mods i would consider to free up a bit of power would be a performance airfilter (ive got a K&N panel filter in my airbox), and a 3" stainless steel exhaust system with performance backbox which i have done, and it has give a little bit more power (the exhaust makes the turbo whisle sound louder)
  11. TDCI Exahust system! help !

    great diagram! thanks for that, the only problem i have got is the blokes havent got my original back box, so they say they will put me a back box on that is similar to my old 1, but it will sound better??? i just gotta hope that this will solve the powerloss problem, i will post back on saturday after the installation of the new back box, but if the power hasnt come back i dont really no what else to do?? apart from buy an original backbox which will be spending more money that i didnt need to ... ahh gd times =/ lol
  12. TDCI Exahust system! help !

    the blokes who did my new exhaust for me took my old back box and "miss placed it" =/ so they have told me go back on the saturday to have a smaller back box installed, to stop the noise and give it a better sound, i dont no if there just blaggin me for more cash or they dont no wah there doing??? just hope i can get the power back to normal, as it was a nice nippy car before i messed about with the exhaust :( now it feels like it hasnt got a turbo. if anybody on here knows anythin about turbos and exhausts i would appreciate the info on what might of happened to my car? thanks
  13. TDCI Exahust system! help !

    Hi everyone this is my first post, i am new to this sorta thing :) the problem i am having at the minute, i have a ford focus 1.6tdci 2007 model, and i have just had a mild steel exhaust built on my car, from the middle box to the back, to increase the sound..... but, i realised it wouldnt sound much different, it has a grunty sound now, which to me sounds like a tractor =/ so im having a smaller back box cut in on saturday, to drown out the tractor noise lol, but on my way down the M6 to get my exhaust fitted my car had power, but on the way back with the middle box removed and the exhaust fitted, it didnt feel the same, i put my foot down and it wasnt very good around 60mph onwards??? i couldnt feel the turbo as much as before? anybody have any idea what this could be? ? ? ?