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  1. Paint bubbles - rear offside wheel arch

    Seriously, quote the sale of goods act. Satisfactory quality etc. This helped me; http://www.netlawman.co.uk/acts/sale-of-goods-act-1979.php?pageContentID=15578 Check the letters out on http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theoneshow/2010/01/new-car-problems-try-doms-down.shtml or http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/Consumerrights/DG_183047 Mine was "sorted" when I showed the pictures to the dealer, and he backed the discussion with Ford. Though the Final Letter (from http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/after_you_buy/making-complaint/complaining-in-writing/#) was the result. Above all, be prepared to go to court if required. Mind you, if your insurance company say "you are not insured to drive it", then take the car back to the dealer, give him the keys and say you'll expect a FULL refund, as per the sale of goods act. If you paid >£100 on a credit-card (deposit perhaps) then you can engage them (your credit-card company) under section 75 as well http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/section75-protect-your-purchases Hope it helps
  2. Paint bubbles - rear offside wheel arch

    You will all be pleased to know, Ford Motor Company have "done the right thing" a new car was ordered on Tuesday - hoorah! Thanks all for your help
  3. Paint bubbles - rear offside wheel arch

    Much thanks - that's the sort of passion I was after ;-) I'm looking forward to providing this "discussion" to the dealership, and Ford Motor Company thanks oweri02
  4. Paint bubbles - rear offside wheel arch

    Thanks for your thoughts - if I accept a repair, then I accept the fault - that is the legal position. So if I accept the repair, I accept them continually repairing... That's why I must get them to replace. I hope this thread has some impact for others in a similar position to me, that were contemplating getting the repair - if more people pushed the dealers to replace, then the dealers would be complaining more to the manufacturers and hopefully we'd all get better quality cars! oweri02
  5. Paint bubbles - rear offside wheel arch

    Thanks all for your comments so far - the more the merrier - it may add sustenance to any claim - http://www.netlawman.co.uk/acts/sale-of-goods-act-1979.php?pageContentID=15578 says (item 14, 2A) " For the purposes of this Act, goods are of satisfactory quality if they meet the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking account of any description of the goods, the price (if relevant) and all the other relevant circumstances." So I am I guess putting my bet on those that reply as being "reasonable" ;-) Appreciate your comments oweri02
  6. Paint bubbles - rear offside wheel arch

    Thanks for that. I have already looked at the Sale-of-goods-act, and got the "satisfactory quality", but Ford are insisting that "their policy is they have the right to repair any manufacturing defects"... I have also looked at Credit Card Section 75 (check that out in google, just make sure whatever you buy, you pay at least £100 on a credit (not debit) card)... Basically down to Ford as to whether they want to fight this one out, but obviously they don't want to replace. As to the repair, if they can F*** up a build that badly where you have a gash on the rear O/S/Q, then what about the rest of the car's quality... Where else is it going to break? If they do fix it (dealer reckons replace the o/s/q), when I come to sell it and the buyer gets the RAC to inspect they'll say "ooh it has had a collision", and I'll say "Nooo, that was a mess that Ford Motor Company did in their build that they had to repair the back quarter"... and like that's going to be believed right? So how much worse off is my sale price going to be... So angry at Ford... why can't people be honest... that car should never have left the factory, and they should do the honest and decent thing and replace it. This post was just to get an idea if other people would confirm that they are outrageous in saying their right is to repair, and others would expect a replacement also. Appreciate people's comments thus far oweri02
  7. Which winter tyres??

    Check SnowSocks out on http://www.roofbox.co.uk/car-snow-socks/ the video is quite impressive, he puts them on a front-wheel drive car, and then locks the handbrake and drives uphill... £65 I think, bargain, and always available in the boot, so never caught short ;-) oweri02
  8. Paint bubbles - rear offside wheel arch

    Perfect! Thanks... Here goes then... This is what was seen on the rear offside wheel arch after about 2 weeks of ownership This is what a dealer's body-shop found when they investigated Or a little closer So Ford Owners, would you accept a repair? Or would you demand your rights under the sale of goods act for "Satisfactory Quality"? One wonders how many other gashes this able bodied fitter managed to kill... or other cars... Seriously, I would appreciate any comments those viewing this thread could give.
  9. Hello all... I've bought a Fiesta Zetec S, delivered at the end of September, and 2 weeks later I found paint bubbles on the rear offside wheel arch. Ford state "we have the right to repair" but the sale of goods act says "satisfactory quality"... Taken to a nearer dealer than that which it was bought, who said there was a great big gash that could only have been caused during manufacture, and someone "blagged" the delivery... outrageous! Wait till you see the photos! I would be extremely grateful to any to reply saying they would expect a replacement if they would accept a repair, or whether (like I hope most will) they would demand of the dealer, under the sale of goods act, the dealer should replace! Thanks all Oweri02. P.S. Who can tell me how to put my own personal photos in here?