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  1. Does anyone know what a reasonable price would be to have a set of glow plugs replaced?
  2. Thanks for the advice Tom. I don't think they did check the plugs, they just said fixing the crankshaft sensor would be the best bet. Did you receive multiple error codes too when it happened? Also, are the glow plugs an easy fix?
  3. Hi everyone, have an issue with my car and I’m hoping you kind people might be able to help 😊 I own a Ford Focus Style TDCI 2008 1.6, 5dr. I had a new battery installed from a local garage. A couple of days later I received a ‘Engine Malfunction’ warning appear on the vehicles display while on the motorway and the car seemed to lose some power. I can still drive the car but it will not have the same power when the warning sign appears (Warning usually appears around 1 minute after starting the car) I took it back to the local garage and had a diagnostic check which found the following error codes: -P0335 – Crankshaft Position Sensor -P0704 - Clutch Switch Input Circuit Malfunction -P0380 - Glow Plug/Heater Circuit The garage said that they think if the replace the Crankshaft Position Sensor it should solve the problem but no guarantees. My questions are: -Could the newly replaced battery be causing these issues? -How long does it take to replace the Crankshaft Position Sensor? What quote should I expect? -And does anyone else have any other ideas what the problem could be?
  4. red0151

    Ford Focus 53 Instrument Cluster Problem

    Cheers mate, just phone up my local dealer then and they said they would fix it for £99 on Monday which is great news. They didnt mention anything about diagnostic tests so hopefully I will not be charged for any extras. Hope this helps someone else with the same problem Thanks for the reply
  5. Hi Lads I have been having a problem with my display lights appearing on my dashboard for no apparent reason. First my ABS light, then my Handbrake light and now my Airbag light. I have read in various places that it is a common fault with a 53 plate Ford Focus. I heard watchdog once done a program a while back (back in 2008) about the problem and Ford agreed to replace the Instrument Cluster for £99. I just wanted to know if any one has had the problem recently and if Ford would still offer a replacement for £99. I will phone up when I get a chance, but have a feeling they will try to charge me the full whack at around £500. At the moment it is not too bad of a problem, but I have heard it gets worse and eventually effects the speedometer and mileage. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers