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  1. Trying To Fit Rear Speakers

    Ahh good point fryboi i didn't think of that, thankyou.
  2. Trying To Fit Rear Speakers

    Yea i can't find an adapter of any kind anywhere! The wiring from the headunit found behind the rear panel had like a rectangle block connector on the end with 4 small sockets and the aftermarket speakers i have bought have like a two pronged spade connection.
  3. Right i took the task of trying to fit some new Hertz Energy coaxial speakers to the rear of the car yesterday but after taking the rear panel half off i realised the wiring from the headunit doesnt fit or clip onto the speakers. Does anyone know is their a speaker adapter or anything for this or am i going to have to cut the wiring and attach a speaker terminal?
  4. Tips for installing a speaker upgrade

    Ohh right ok brilliant thankyou
  5. Tips for installing a speaker upgrade

    Hi Strutter, Have you got a link or anything for the Genesis processor im looking for a cheap alternative to the JL Cleansweep. Thanks
  6. Fiesta Zetec S

    Hi Ashman, Where did you get those smoked rear lights from? I've been looking for a pair of these for ages for my Zetec S in Sea Grey!