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  1. help? alternator fitting?

    hi,guys the belt and tool from fords is £70. im gonna make my own and tackle the job later today!!
  2. help? alternator fitting?

    hi, guys!! thanks for your suggestions. been to see a friend who is a mechanic!! there is no tensioner! the belts are "stretchy belts" which means you need a special tool which fits over the water pump and leads the belt over the pulley!! hope this post will help someone else with simular prob in future?!!
  3. help? alternator fitting?

    hi,guys. i have a focus 2005 1.6 zetec. how on earth is the alternator belt tensioned? not a serpant belt.two belts! the alternator belt rounds the crank and water pump and alternator! none of these puleys are adjustable? help?