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  1. hello, any help anyone can give me will be appreciated. I have a 2003 ford fiesta 1.4 tdci. the windscreen washers are not working, i have checked they are clean and the wash stuff is not frozen, the cables are fine. I no longer hear the whirr noise when i push the stalk and am assuming it is the pump. the windscreen wipers still work so it cant be the motor or fuse, i have checked the fuse box just in case but they look fine to me. however i am confused by some of the things i have read, some say motor some say pump but i think they mean the same thing. i have over used it recently due to the weather (16 inches of snow here!) all help appreciated. thanks very much
  2. Power Loss - Help!

    I have a ford fiesta 1.4tdci which after a trip to the garage has lost approx 20% of it's power. Garage thought injectors but are now saying injectors are ok. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what else it could be? All suggestions welcome!
  3. fuel injectors

    Hello I am looking for some help with my car a Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI I took it to the garage last week for it's mot which it failed because it was leaking diesel from the top of the engine. They put on a fuel injector repair kit (thats what it says on the bill) which I have been told means they have replaced all the seals on the injectors. I got the car back and it has lost a LOT of performance, I can get it to 60 ok but to 70 is a struggle and with my foot flat to the floor I can maybe get to 75 after at least a minute. The car never had this problem before. I took the car back to the garage and told them, after trying to fob me off they put it onto the engine diagnostics and have told me that all my injectors have gone and need to be replaced. They say this is nothing to do with anything they have done and is a coincidence. I need somebody to tell me if this is likely, I am a bit dubious that this happens after they work on it as it did not have this problem when it went in. Any help would be appreciated.