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  1. What Would You Be Driving If Not A Focus?

    It went because it had a engine hesitation, which it went back and forth to the garage for many times,it was simular to a petrol engined car with a bad spark plug,they never did manage to solve it properly,it was letting in water in both footwells in the front of the car,it jerked like a kangaroo in slow moving traffic,i just had enough of it,i believe the french design of engine in the 1.6 and 2.0 diesel cars are great,mine was the 1.8,it had electrical faults too!it,s a shame,i lost money on that car but i;m glad it's out of my life!!.
  2. What Would You Be Driving If Not A Focus?

    My Focus 1.8 tdci 08 plate has gone!!!can't put up with it any longer!!now have a BMW 320D Touring,and love it,(so far!!)
  3. Water In Driver Side Floor!!!

    Windscreen and bulkhead leaks i was told by the garage who did the work,it's all ok now!!
  4. Maf On 1.8 2008 Tdci

    No worries,thanks for the info.
  5. Maf On 1.8 2008 Tdci

    Sorry,i meant egr valve you mentioned,thanks.
  6. Maf On 1.8 2008 Tdci

    Could you please tell me where it is and how to remove it,thanks for your help guys.
  7. Maf On 1.8 2008 Tdci

    Could someone please tell me where abouts the MAF is on my 1.8 2008 tdci,and how to remove it,i want to give it a clean as the car has become jerky when moving off and it seems this could be the problem,thanks.
  8. Dmf Replacement

    It's a 2008 with 31K on the clock!.
  9. Dmf Replacement

    Just wondering if the Haynes manual tells you how to do this,and if anyone has done it?would you need any special tools?Thanks.
  10. Water In Driver Side Floor!!!

    Well it finally seems to be sorted!!!seams around the bulkhead,and also the plastic wheel arch trim was removed and the seams were sealed there too,it seems to be fine now"fingers crossed"!!.
  11. Water In Driver Side Floor!!!

    They said they checked all the most likely places it could leak,but still it LEAKS!!!
  12. Water In Driver Side Floor!!!

    Can't do that,the car is under warrenty!!!!! :(
  13. Water In Driver Side Floor!!!

    Well the car has been in the garage for almost a week and they can't find where the water is coming from,anyone have anymore ideas?thanks.
  14. Water In Driver Side Floor!!!

  15. Water In Driver Side Floor!!!

    As much as i hoped it would be this leaking pipe,it's not,pollen filter housing was also checked by the garage,so anymore ideas please,thankyou.