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  1. We share the story. My first new Ford and first new car which is a source of constant disappointments because of problems that intensify or new that arise and that Ford keeps ignoring. Ford has treated me with poor ethics, far gone are the times when car brands cared about customer feedback and took complaints seriously. And even farther gone are the times when the official dealerships of the brands had technicians and mechanics of excellence while today we have people who do nothing but replace parts that their chiefs tells them to, not knowing what they are for and not taking any care with the customers' cars. Their approach with this situation was embarrassing. Going from "there is a clear problem, we are identifying it", to "an engineer from the factory has to come to check it out" to "no engineer is coming and the noise is characteristic", it was a clear disrespect to me and today they no longer have my trust to buy any more cars. In fact, not even for maintenance. It took them 6 months to tell me it's normal (with me calling and sending emails every month insisting both with the dealer and the customer service department). For me, it took them 6 months to decide how they were going to convince customers that they didn't make cars with defects that they don't plan to have them fixed. I truly hope that afeter a few years we will not discover structural problems in our cars that could endanger our safety because of this issue.
  2. Hi, You have made a good analysis. I agree with most of the things you said. You touched on an important point that I was also wondering about, which is the fact that the noise can be produced by the rear wheels. I don't have much to add, my bad experience is described in this thread and from the moment Ford claimed characteristic the dealer stopped caring. They even sent me a registered letter claiming that it's not an anomaly (and basically saying that I complain too much and that they would no longer see my car to solve this issue).
  3. I have a friend with an ST-Line in the same situation. The dealer in his area was more serious than mine and took the whole car apart looking for the source of the noise. I can say that they spent more than 3 months with the car: all suspension elements replaced, engine mounts, etc, even the dashboard was disassembled to see if there was something loose inside. Conclusion: the dealer, after trying everything and more, couldn't find out. Recently, my friend complained to Ford, who promptly said that the dealer shouldn't have done all of those interventions, since the noise is characteristic due to the right side suspension arm being longer than the left one. In my case they didn't give me any justification, just said it wasn't an anomaly and that it was a noise exclusive to ST-Lines due to the lower suspension and the 17 inches rims. However, this friend of mine tested other versions (Titanium, Active, etc.) with the same knocking, so it's clearly also a problem of other Fiesta models. I don't want to take away your hopes but I've been at this for almost 2 years now and honestly I've had enough of trying to fight to get the problem fixed when there is no solution from Ford. Whatever this problem is has to be solved out of warranty. In my view it is certain suspension elements that need stronger (reinforced) parts and Ford under warranty will never replace stock material with a better one.
  4. Hi, I have exactly the same problem with mine. They always come with excuses about the problems of the car being not anomalys but characteristics. In my case I detected this problem on my car with just 3000 miles! They tried to convince me the vibration was due to the car being 3 cylinders. I asked to try a car of the dealer fleet to be sure it was normal. And surprise: no noise and no vibration! With much insistence they changed the gear cable linkages and the problem was gone. I drove more 1000 miles and now it's back. I still have warranty but in the last reparation they told me this will tend to happen over time...cheap material used by Ford.
  5. Get used to Ford calling normal and characteristic of the car everything they can't diagnose or that gives them too much trouble during warranty... Dois conselhos de alguém que, infelizmente, perdeu a paciência com os concessionários Ford em Portugal e com a Ford Lusitana: - É característica? Peçam por escrito essa situação ao concessionário com o conhecimento da Ford, assinado e justificado. Especialmente durante o tempo de garantia! - Se é característica peçam para experimentar um carro da frota igual ao vosso para ver se tem o mesmo comportamento. Se vos disserem que não então meus amigos...não é característica e eles sabem que se passa alguma coisa.
  6. Hello, I have the exact same issue on my 2019 Fiesta. The dealer tried to convince me that it was normal because of the 3 cylinders. After my insistence they replaced the gear selector cable and something else I can't remember and the problem was solved. Now after a few months the problem is back but I still only feel it in first gear going uphill. Has anyone experienced the same and knows definitive solutions?
  7. 🤣yes they should! That way I hadn't had so many sleepless nights. They told me it's a thing only of the ST-Line's... Mine is back at workshop. Water infiltration under the glove box and the steering wheel rattles 😤. They say that the water enters through the windshield. The car is one year and half and only 7500 miles!!! I'm so disappointed with this problems that undermine my confidence in the brand.
  8. Interesting...I have a friend that is getting his engine mount replaced because of this issue...but in my case the dealer says that does not know what is the source and that Ford says it is normal. It's of very bad taste to know that they are aware of the origin of the problem and refuse to change it.
  9. They never hear by themselves. When I left my car the 1st time they said everything was ok with the suspension. Then I asked to go test drive the car with someone and the chief mechanic found from just driving that the shock absorbers were dead. How can someone trust in them? It seems they don't have mechanics anymore...just people that replace parts Anyway have you found out anything unusual under the car?
  10. Hi, we have exactly the same questions, and even the mechanics can't answer them. No one can explain what exactly the right side of car has different from the left that could cause this. But the noise can't be normal. In my case the noise happens also with passengers and even with the car loaded with cargo. But I noticed something unusual. Near where I live there is a sharp bump where the noise occurs everytime. The left part of that bump has collapsed, making the road even and if I pass throw it with the left tyres on the flat part, and only the right part of the car goes over the bump, then no noise at all. For this I have no plausable explanation. Ford continues to claim it's not an anomaly but can't explain why it happens. I think it's something expensive and they don't want to acknowledge a problem that effects lots of cars when they still have warranty. I have a friend trying in another dealer where they are still trying to find the problem. What kind of reparations did they try on your fiesta?
  11. Hello, I have a 2019 Fiesta St-Line MK8. A few months after buying it I noticed a knocking noise coming from the right side of the car on uneven roads and in high bumps, even on low speed. Went to the dealer and they found both the right side front and rear shock absorbers losing oil. Replaced them but a knocking noise remained on the front. The sway bar links were tightened. Also dind't solve. Lastly the suspension arm from the right front was also replaced. Nothing solved the problem under warranty. The chief mechanic told me Ford was not allowing any more interventions because too many things were tried without success so I'd have to wait from a engineer from the Tecnhinal Department to come to identify the origin. Another cars on the dealer had the noise also in the same conditions, all of them St-Line. The chief mechanic agreed that the knocking is not normal and must be defect and probably after the enginneer visit Ford will launch a recall for that matter. Also told me he suspected that the silent blocks for the Fiesta needed to be more thick and could be the source of the noise. However the engineer never showed up because of the "pandemic". An excuse for cleaning their hands. Instead, they tested a car somewhere that supposedly has the same knocking and concluded that the knocking is not an anomaly, but a characteristic of the St-Line models. I can't accept such conclusion from a supposed engineer that never entered my car. The chief mechanic told me that i dind't agreed that is not an anomaly, because no one would buy a car with that noise. But since Ford doens't recognize it as problem, he can't contine to make interventions to try to solve it. I also tried in other Ford workshops without success, either they don't hear it, or they try the same things other tried, without solving it. I would like to know if anyone has had the knocking noise that I report and how got it fixed. It's such a shame for Ford... I'm sorry for my bad English.
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