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  1. My mum had her second dose of the oxford..only difference this time is a sore arm,I took my mum to both injections and watched and I am sure the needle for the second one was a bit fatter than the first. She is 95 and the first thing on getting home was........... have a cigarette 😷 Thanks
  2. I had the astra zenica vaccine 8.30am,glad to report no side effects at all.
  3. I had the astra zenica vaccine 8.30am,glad to report no side effects at all.
  4. Greetings,perhaps try entring your reg No. on one of the car parts sites on the web there may be detailed info on the springs. Good luck 👍
  5. Thanks everyone,I will start over with a recharged battery,I appreciate the safety advice as I know enough to know when I don't know and need help before doing anything. This is a new battery bought just before I started this thread it is calcium/calcium,one of the issues is the battery being drained in testing to the point it goes too low to start the car and needs a recharge,I believe the battery will only tolerate so much of this and then it's had it.Charged the battery last night and it now reads 13.03v. A few days before I can look at it again. Thanks again everyone Ma
  6. Thankyou Tizer,the car starts and stops and runs ok but if left the battery drains,I did the simple test first measured the battery and left the car for two hours whilst checking the dash and radio interior lights were off and I could not hear anything powering up during that time ie cd disc loading,relay clicking. The battery dropped half a volt in two hours I am going to start over and write stuff down Thanks
  7. Thanks Colin and you are correct I do not know what I am doing..hence why I joined the forum to get some help to learn what I need to know to make my car work. If I had some money I would give it to the garage but the pandemic has made me poorer than I already was. I want to measure if there is any current passing into the glow plugs,how I am going to do that I do not know that is why in my last post I ASKED if I could do it. Marty
  8. Hello Peter and thanks for you response Possibly tomorrow(weather) I will look into the glow plugs,fuse 6(glow plugs) in engine bay is a strap type,can I just measure across this whilst in place or best to remove? I always believed no power to glow plugs until ignition switched on,is this possible somehow?even with the canbus network being awake,I have swapped out the GEM like for like(everything works)(blutooth unplugged) and this has had no effect on the battery drain. Here is how I have the multimeter set to measure 10A,can someone please confirm this is correct. The cla
  9. Hello,I am still chasing this battery drain,removed the heated windscreen fuses with no change also disconnected blutooth and removed audio modules fuse and I am sure my meter is correct at 16.25A current drain.This is with ignition off.... I have read that the ignition barrel can leak through a micro switch,if I bridge the exciter wire to the solenoid with my meter will this show drain through the ignition barrel? I am reading as much as I can on the subject and getting fit cycling everywhere...lovely rain. Thanks
  10. Hello,if parked on a slope water from boot area will move downhill through gravity and capilliary action. Good luck 👍
  11. You sir have made my day 👍 Marty
  12. Yes blue wiring,does that mean no fluid required? 😁 Thanks Tom 👍
  13. Thanks Tom will do so tomorrow,had a look today with engine cover on, up and above right of the alternator,a big can with a heat shield and three wired sensors,do both eolys and cdpf use a sensor located at the battery? thanks
  14. Hello,I have done some searching but cannot find a clear answer...would someone in the know be kind enough to advise(or link me to) on wether my dpf uses eolys. On my V5c, Focus 2008-, 1.6L Duratorq TDCi (110PS) - DV6, Ocean Blue (copied from ford etis) Variant:G8DD1P Version:5KAC MH Thankyou
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