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  1. Installed My Own Ambient Light

    Installed my own version of ambient light taken 12v feed from headlight switch with a couple of 12v led strip from ebay Total cost was about £10.00 Pictures don't do it any justice
  2. New Fiesta Front Tyre Wear

    Should we do the same as these guys did with there Tyres and Alloys http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7937839.stm From my understanding they all got new tyres after speaking to one of them so maybe this forums of users could too
  3. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    Uneven wear,Bald spots,Vibrations i had all these symptoms
  4. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    Make that 5 now just come back from tyre fitter with yet another Buckled Alloy How about we collect all our alloys and go dump them on the door step of Fords Office in Brentwood see if they listen then
  5. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    Make that another 4 on my 2009 fiesta ford
  6. Rear Bumper Questiions

    I fitted my own £15 from ebay very easy to do and did not remove bumper but not electro ones Just to confirm there is a Rubber gromet under the car to pass the cables into the car
  7. The Ambient Lighting Installation Guide!!!!!!!!!!!

    Try this link to have them switch on with the head lights and stay on http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11157&st=0&p=72121entry72121
  8. Leak In Front Door

    Its a common problem at the bottom of the doors there are drainage holes to let the water out you just need too clear block holes :D
  9. 12,000 Miles And 3 New Tyres!

    I have Hankooks on my Zetec s and have covered 22,000 miles and a reckon will get 2000 more from the fronts Backs have about 4mm left was going to put hankooks back on when there scrubbed
  10. Installed My Own Ambient Light

    did you change the pin outs?
  11. Installed My Own Ambient Light

    Double sided sticky pads from homebase about £2.50 stuck them on then cut off access works a treat
  12. Installed My Own Ambient Light

    I Bet you can't wait for it to get Dark again LOL :D
  13. Installed My Own Ambient Light

    Hi J i could not sleep last night thinking about your problem so i got up extra early to check the pins and i got it wrong it did try 7 and 12 first but could not see the connection properly as it was all wrapped up nice in black insulating tape just undone it all and the pins are 11 and 12 Sorry my mistake
  14. Installed My Own Ambient Light

    Hi J i will double check tomorrow the pin outs looks good from the pics my lights don't dim at all What color? did you go for in the end and where did you get them so Quick?
  15. Installed My Own Ambient Light

    Try this seller he has loads and all colors http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/60cm-LED-Interior-Grill-Decoration-SMD-Bulbs-White-XK_W0QQitemZ180434642482QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item2a02be2632 my one was very brittle so warmed it up first with a lighter (made it more flexible to work with ) before sticking it and used double sided stick pads as the one that comes with it are not very sticky I went for red as i could cannot fined a perfect match to the Burnt orange look but goes as the needles on the dash are red Going to install a couple of white ones in the Boot as the ford one is Poor will post pic soon
  16. Installed My Own Ambient Light

    OK Some more pictures and how i did it The wiring was not there so i tapped into the headlight switch box and found the wires that become live when you switch to low or high beam Take out the Light switch with a flat screw driver as shown in picture it looks scary but the dash is made from soft material un-clip the connector from the switch run cables as you see fit and get as far as the little center tray under the temp controls then run a cable from there to the glove box splice into the switch cables The pins you need are 11 and 12 basically the two last pins (See picture) remove glove box and insert the cables from the led strip into the hole where the Ford Ambient light would clip into(2nd from last Picture)then connect led cables up to the cable you just run i Soldered my cables and put heat shrink over them For the center one remove gear stick cover then the blanking plate above the temp controls then pull off the silver fascia starting from the bottom it just pulls off this will allow you to get to the little tray area drill a small hole in the plastic install led strip Which you can just Cut to size (Every 3 bulbs )connect up and the led to the 12v feed Job Done I Also installed a 12v pre-wired led just above the glove box for when i open it at night as its very dark in there See picture again just wire it to the same cable as the one feeding the led strip going across the glove box TIP you can test your led strips with a little 9v square battery before you cut it down to far and also see what it looks like before you install I used a 30cm led strip (cut to leave 3 leds )(£1.50)from HongKong and for the one across the glove box 60cm (£2.50) version cut down to size Drill hole in top for led cable Stuck on Led strip Installed extra led to light glove box up
  17. Installed My Own Ambient Light

    Hi Will Try put some more pictures up of the connections into the Headlight switch and LED Strips LEDS turn on when head lights are turned on