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  1. Engine Oil To Use

    which oil to use ford focus climate 2007 1600 petrol
  2. Connect Phone To Stereo

    hi can anyone advise please I have a 07 focus which has a ford 6000 single cd player, on the fascia of the cd player it clearly has a green telephone/red telephone symbol aswell as numerical numbers, on utube I have seen a video of how to connect your phone to the Bluetooth, the stereo in question looks older than mine ? however there example does show the stereo connect to a phone, so my question is can I have my stereo connected to my phone? or are the numerical numbers just for show thanks
  3. Air Conditioning

    hi anyone any idea how I know if mine is working when I switch the air con on the light comes on etc, but I thought I would heard a change in the engine noise i.e ( in my fusion I had you used to hear a change in the engine when you switched the air con on I am wondering weather it may need topping up anyway as it not that cold .. should I hear a change in the engine when I switch it on ? how would I know or is there a way to test if its working ok, thanks
  4. V5C Detail What Does This Mean

    oh my car is a petrol also not a diesel hope this helps thanks
  5. V5C Detail What Does This Mean

    thanks what does dpf mean "sorry to ask
  6. What Model Is A 2007 Focus

    hi can someone tell me when they refer to a MK1 MK2 ETC " what MK is a june 2007 focus style thanks
  7. hi on my focus were it says version on the left hand side it says : EURO 45ABA LC anyone know what the EURO means thanks
  8. Diy Tow Bar Fitting

    Hi i was considering fitting a FORD tow bar ..not a universal one, and it appears it would be straight forwardhowever my fusion has ford reversing sensors built in, and i have noticed on the fuse box under the glove box there is a space for a fuse with the picture of a caravan, if this gets wired up ? would a picture of a caravan hooked up appear on my instrument panellights, if not what is the fuse for, and would my reversing sensors keep going of all the time if i hook up to a trailer once a tow bar is fitted? thanks
  9. Fusion 2 Flat Spot ?

    hi yes i have looked at plugs everything seemsokthey lookfairlynew and it ticks over etc asit should noproblems, air filter looks fairly new nice and clean... maybe it just me !! but the other morning it was a bit sluggish when i started it and i had to put a few revs on it at start up then it was fine ( it had threw it down though and it was a little damp outside , maybe that had something to do with it that morning ?
  10. Fusion 2 Flat Spot ?

    hi i have a 1400cc fusion 2, 54 reg, when i sit in car and press on exellerator it sounds like ( i can only describe as a AIR puff sound for a scond .. then normal , not sure why this is or if it is normal , also as you drive a long latley sometimes when the exellerator is pressed it feels as though there is a flat spot i.e not as responsive as it should be any ideas thanks,
  11. Fiesta Engine Light

    I have bought some new spark plugs as the others looked a bit rusty, they are ( bosch super plus) am i right in saying they should be pre-set i dont have to alter them, just put them straight in on the box it says 1.3mm does that seem right for my fiesta 2003 duratec 1242cc engine thanks
  12. Fiesta Engine Light

    Found the problem, water was gathered on the black plastic cover that covers the spark plugs mopped it all up, and seems to have cured it..must have been my fault when i cleaned the engine
  13. Fiesta Engine Light

    Hi i am new here , hope someone can shed some light on my problem please, I bought a mk6 2003 1242cc duratec fiesta, this car runs great smooth as anything, however i have no way of knowing weather my problem came with the car when i bought it, or the problem as suddenly appeared as a new owner.. The engine was diry (not oily) just everyday dirty dusty, so i cleaned the engine with degreaser and rinsed it off with cold water, leaving the car to dry with the bonnet open. The car was then parked up for a few days ,, yesterday i went out in the car,it drove and performed as it should!, all of a sudden the yellow engine light flashed 3 times then stayed on(i may of been in the wrong gear at a junction so the car struggled a bit) i then corrected the gear and carried on driving and the light stayed on, i did not lose that much power 30-40 miles an hour as normal, but it became sluggish every now and again, got home parked up and turned engine off. i left it 2-3 hours and then it started first time NO Light on everything ran fine again drives normal, today i went out problem occured again half way throught he journey (approaching a set of lights , i slowed down and moved of in 2nd gear, not fully coming to a stop, light flashes and stayed on got home turned engine of , after leaving it again engine seemed fine and started and drove as normal it did not give me an error code on the digital clock, when the light illuminated. The car is an ex ford direct car, having done 90,000 miles but been well serviced fom new, i am on a low budjet having recently being put of work, without having to go an pay costly fees having it diagnosed from a garage, can anyone give me any possible causes for this minor glich, i.e the most common first... PS the man prior to me buying it had just had a new cam belt kit fitted at fords just generall not for any reason(mainly because of the mileage ) I must stress when this light is NOT on the car runs and performs superbly No misfires, stutters juddering or anything , just a nice smooth drive Thanks for advice in advance mark