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  1. £70 for regas. No, they haven't told me anymore.
  2. On my brtoher's MK2 Focus, he has been hearing a strange noise recently. Is this something to be worried about ? https://streamable.com/s560c1
  3. I went to refill the aircon gas yesterday and have been quoted £400 for parts & labour & aircon regas. The quote includes these : Renew line between compressor and condenser £192 + VAT Discharge pipe £165 + VAT Does the quote sound right?
  4. I have taken it to a garage yesterday. They had a look and everything looks alright.
  5. I have heard > Germany has strict rules about tyres. Drivers keep buying new tyres as the summer ones cannot be used during winter. Those 2nd hand tyres are then transported to the UK and end up in all these 2nd hand tyres shops in and around you. In fact, just yesterday, I saw a lorry at one of these places with a German name on the side and tyres were being thrown out one by one.
  6. Is it me or have tyre prices gone through the roof? 205 50 R17's are about £100 each!
  7. I am going to change my tyres at ATS. Can they replace the nuts while they have my car or will I have to go elsewhere?
  8. I spent most of the day yesterday to paint the alloys and they look acceptable. I wish I had kept some before and after pics! If I have more time in the future, I will apply a coat of Isopron alloy filler at the edges, sand and respray.
  9. How can all the nuts be knackered? What on earth did the previous driver do ?
  10. Rather than starting another thread, can someone tell me if something is missing ? And, what to buy?
  11. I plan to get new tyres too. These Chinese branded tyres do not fill me with confidence.
  12. I painted five 6ft fence panels with a large brush and Cuprinol autumn gold paint. It is not soul destroying. Just dip and slap on. Do not ... forgot the word now .... rub a dipped paint brush on the edge to reduce the amount of paint sticking to the brush like when you do interior paint. I think you also nee Teak oil before you paint it but I never bothered 😁
  13. That is a very valid point about the air escape 😄 Normally, I would not deal with such faff. But, it costs £90/alloy for alloy refurbishment these days!
  14. The Focus I bought recently has kerb rashes. I managed to successfully use a cordless drill and spray paint the alloys on old Focus and the results were more than acceptable. I have seen ChrisFIX and others on Youtube using playing cards to go round the alloy to protect the tyre from overspray. My question is how do they insert the damn playing card in between the tyre and the alloy? By deflating the tyre perhaps? None of my playing cards seem to go in at all!
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