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  1. Fiesta Zetec ecoboost 100

    Standard car with privacy glass and Ford's 16" optional wheels. DMB badges front and back, and on steering wheel. Considering swapping the chrome grille for the one on the Zetec S...
  2. Crieffy

  3. Dmb Gel Overlays

    I tried a black/blue one for the interior, and have black/red on the exterior ones I had them on the old car and they still looked good as new after 3 years :)
  4. Car And Boat

    Maybe the Uk's most northerly Fiesta? At Baltasound, Unst, Shetland.

    © © John Moncrieff

  5. Locking Wheel Nuts

    You can get them here > http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_2008_locking_wheel_nut_kit_1061.htm I managed to damage the removal key, but as car crime is pretty much non-existant where I am, I had my locking nuts replaced with normal ones. John
  6. Your Fiesta

    My Zetec.. Me Car by Crieffy., on Flickr John
  7. Fiesta Zetec, 1.4 Petrol

  8. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    1.4 petrol.. I filled up and reset the average mpg before going for a 130 mile drive last week, mainly main roads but with two trips through town and a fair bit of twisty B-roads, and the average was 47.9mpg! It has now dropped to 43mpg with a few days of the 6 mile trip to work, as long as it stays over 40 I'll be happy. I'm only on my 2nd tank of fuel since getting the car and I'm pretty impressed so far - it's waaaay better than my old focus was doing. :)
  9. Awesome job with the carbon-fibre look :)
  10. Do I, Or Don't I? Lowering...

    I think that's around the right price, have seen them from £135-£150ish. I'm enjoying driving it too much at the moment to make the change yet, but it is soooo tempting :)
  11. Petrol

    It's a minimum of £1.31 here, and meant to be going up another 2p next week It all comes from the same supplier so no competition for prices either. Bit of a bugger having one of Europe's biggest oil terminals exporting oil, then us buying it back as some of the dearest fuel :(
  12. Had a little play with Paintshop on how the car might look with the Eibach springs fitted.. It would look nice, but would it be a lot stiffer? I quite like how it feels at the moment - it's probably plenty hard for the roads here and I'm not sure if my old spine would like to be battered every day ;)
  13. Some Pics Of My Fezza

    A most excellent colour for a car :)
  14. Squeegee Vs Chamois

    I used microfibre drying towels for the first time today.... and was very impressed! Hadn't even heard of the things till I started reading about them here and on ukfiestanetwork. Gawd knows where the water goes? The towels just seem to suck it all up.
  15. Brand New 1.4 Titanium Individual

    I think I paid £30 for the spare wheel option. I'm assuming there is a jack included - I'd better go and check that, lol