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    Need Insurance Help

    Just another thought have a look at the cooling off period don't know how legal it is but insure the car test it then cancel the policy. This is just a thought
  2. zeglover

    Need Insurance Help

    The only thing I can think of is lowest mileage as possible or temporary cover for a day when you do the mot why do you need to insure and test it if you don't use it
  3. I think the wipers should be the other way round cannot help with the rest
  4. zeglover

    1.6hdi Mk6 Fiesta . Timing Help

    Hi I could not see a question
  5. zeglover

    Jerking Problems Now Car Won't Run

    Try blanking the egr valve with a solid plate from eBay. Lenny on here has a good guide on how to do it. It will cost about £5
  6. zeglover

    Steering Wheel Shakes.

    Check your tires are at correct pressure then I would check wheels are balanced properly
  7. zeglover

    Fuel Rail Is Not Working St200

    Cannot help but that made me chuckle
  8. zeglover

    Ride Height

    Hi I changed the front springs because one of them snapped, but it looks a lot higher than it did before I changed them. If anyone with a mk2 focus 2 L diesel can measure the distance between the rim and top of the arch so I can compare. I have attached a photo Thanks Stu
  9. zeglover

    P.c, Tablet Or Kindle

    Hi if you already have a tablet try Google drive you can just uploaded your documents
  10. zeglover

    Ride Height

    Thanks I got them from euro parts with the reg number so they should be right I checked the length of them before I put them in and they were the same size. Thanks for putting my mind at rest
  11. zeglover

    Well, She Failed...

    Sorry to see 1 less mk1 focus on the road
  12. zeglover

    Mot Advisory

    Thank you stoney great help
  13. Hi I got a advisory but I don't know what it means from the sheet it says Nearside rear upper torque/reaction arm slightly corroded Can someone please show me which part it is and to fix it do need to replace it or can I remove the rust and paint over it My car is a mk2 focus Any help would be great
  14. zeglover

    Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    At my local leisure center could have got a load more but weather was bad
  15. How much will a pass plus reduce it by?
  16. If you have any parents with clean licences try adding them on as named drivers I got ₤50 off for adding my mum.
  17. zeglover

    Diesel Like Misfiring?

    Sorry bud I don't know but I hope you get to the bottom of it
  18. zeglover

    Sat Nav Or Iphone App?

    I have used the navmii app and is very easy to use works well. The map is downloaded so no data charges. I had it on my old iPhone but when I switched to android it was the same and is free. Try it and if you don't like the ads you can remove them
  19. zeglover

    Rusty Wheel Arch

    Cheers I think that would be easier than filling would get a better result than using spray cans
  20. zeglover

    Rusty Wheel Arch

    Hi If have a mk 2 focus with a rusty off side wheel arch, gave it a little poke and now a hole. How easy is it to replace the wing? Are they welded or bolted? Or would it be easer to fill and paint? I think it would look better with a new wing as there is a scratch down that wing also. Thanks for your help I will also try and get some photos when I can.
  21. zeglover

    Update To The Language Filters

    I was another forum years ago and it changed the words. It made it so funny
  22. zeglover

    Jobs After 6Pm

    Call centre we open till 10 and are screaming out for ppl who want late shifts
  23. zeglover

    How Dirty Was You Egr

    Please post pictures
  24. zeglover

    Heavy Power Steering

    Thanks for posting solution glad you got it solved