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  1. Knocking From The 'boot'?

    Think I've found it - one if the latches on the drivers side rear seat must be loose. After dropping the rear seat it's gone! Happy days! Thanks for all the (constructive) help! Tony...
  2. Hi all, I have an irritating noise coming from the boot (I think) I have looked at the obvious places - like boot shelf, spare wheel etc... But still there! I can't be sure it not coming from outside but then I'm not sufficiently well versed to know anyway :) all help gratefully recieved! Tony...
  3. Booster Worth It?

    Hi all, Got an 04 tdci 1.8. I'm a newbie and have heard the booster available on eBay - about £90 might be worth fitting. What do u guys think? Tony...
  4. Got car back from garage. Said they had fitted a new back box, fixed loose DS Brake Caliper and balanced wheels. Result NO MORE VIBRATION....Whoopy Fecking Doo!!! Seriously, so much smoother now. Now the bad news, I can still hear a noise invariabley when I turn but not exclusively then. Sounds like something that needs oiling/lubricating...like an old spring grinding away. Forgive my inadequate description! Any advise would be great! Tony...
  5. Stuck Bonnet...

    ...grrrrr! Got it back from garage and then £ecking bonnet is jammed shut. Also looks like one side of the bonnet is a little higher than the other - as if its shut on one side but a little open on the other... ...please tell me theres a quick fix for this? Cheers in advance! Tony...
  6. Few Newbie Questions...

    Hi all, First post so bear with me Got an 04 1.8 TDCi. Love the drive apart from a vibration that is most pronounced under the seats (feel it in our Ar$$es!). Happens around 60-70mph. Also a knocking (relatively quiet) coming from the back-end. Feels like the rear door but that seems pretty much locked down. If I rock the back of the car up and down I can hear a slight knocking. Finally - thanks for beoing patient - can you tell me if the factory fitted immobiliser has an alarm as standard? I can lock/open the car ok, just not the usual 'bleep' I expected from an alarm? Thanks again! Tony...