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  1. Hello All

    Hello to everyone, I'm Ben, 26, a submariner living in Helensburgh, Scotland. I've had my mondeo since December. Its had a few niggles over the last few weeks but all seems well and im looking forward to aqquinting myself on here. Hello !
  2. I'm just wanting to know are they worth the investment ? I know the chips are easy to fit but there are varying types all over ebay for the mondeo 2.0 tdci mk 3 and im non the wiser to how much i should be paying for one with prices varying wildly. anyone with any recomends ? horror stories ? cheers Ben
  3. thanx for the advice, the EGR had deposits in there but it didnt seem to be a great deal. With help from a friend we got it out and cleaned it with break fluid, replaced it, tightened a jubilee clip on the manifold and low and behold...job done ! no cut outs! again many thanks
  4. im going to have a bash at it 2morro so ill post on here how I got on, just need to source a few more tools first. cheers
  5. Hi guys, my beloved mondeo cuts out around 50mph in 3rd gear, when i restart it on the roll it carries on driving but there is absolutely no power and i feel like im driving a milk float up a hill, just not as fast. and im also left with a flashing glow plug indication but i believe this to be a general warning that something isnt right. if that makes any sense. I've seen on other posts on here that EGR valves can become clogged up, im just wanting to know have other people experienced similar symptoms to mine and what ? if anything was done to rectify it before I give in to a garage to fix it. thanks guys, much appreciated Ben