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  1. Saw a lot of bola on older focus. I do like the racer style wheels . Think go well with angles of mk. With splitter sideskirts, 30mm lowered then that's me done . I'm older now . The days of my escort rs turbo are long gone . Although wish I still had it. Trying to look at pics of mk 4 with different wheels
  2. I don't think mine will be low enough to smash the splitter . Just need to choose wheels . Thinking of going for like a racer look. Bronze or somthing . Bola or similar
  3. I googled some , seems like eibach pro line get best reviews. Looking at a spliter too. Seems like maxton and tr composites are popular
  4. So what is the best way to lower it all round?? Cheers
  5. Anybody had any experience with lowering springs for mk4 st line x . I hear the suspension is different on the 1.0 to the 1.5. I have the 1.0. Want some lowering springs -30mm maybe Any info be great
  6. I've only got the 1.0 eccoboost ,got a good deal on a private sale could not turn down. What's the difference between the suspension on the 1.0 and the 1.5. I only want to fit some lowering springs . Drop it like 30mm
  7. Has not been to bad so far , had 18s on my mini cooper probably worse . I cant imagine 19s being any worse than the standard 18s. Looking at getting some eibach springs to put on. Loving the car so far . Not seen another one especially the blue. Think some aftermarket wheels will just set it of .
  8. I will be lowering too. I think I'll keep my eye out for some 19s. I like to stand out so aftermarket wheels I've always had . Ones on it are nice but every st line x has them. Anybody knows any good 19s for sale let me know
  9. Just looking to make it look better . Stand out. Reduce arch gap a bit. Would be getting low profile tyres. Looking for some gloss black wheels, saw 20s on older focus. Maybe 19s might be better look good not throw handling out . Anyone got pics of their mk4 with different wheels on..
  10. Brand new Ford owner. Mk4 focus st line x . Looking fwd to chatting . Planning on doing mild mods
  11. Anyone got 19 or 20 inch alloys on mk4 focus ? Any issues, steering , speedo, rubbing ? The 18s on at mo look like they got lots of space . Car not lowered now but may get some springs in future minus 20-30mm.. cheers
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