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  1. output shaft speed sensor ??

    it may doesas i said earlier a coil throws all sorts of fault codes up,it may be juddering on start up as the coil is under load and braking down.It would be a wise move to take it to a dealer who will put it on the IDS diagnostic lap top.It may seem expansive,but you get an accurate diagnostic if they do the repair they will clear the fault codes also....
  2. C max pollen filter

    have tried the nsf footwell behind the glove box???
  3. output shaft speed sensor ??

    A defective coil can throw up many rogue fault codes.you say your using a scanner?These will only pick up basic faults,also have you cleared the codes after doing the repair,if you haven,t cleared the code the fault is still logged in the pcm nd as such it thinks there is still a fault with your car...
  4. Heater Stuck On Hot

    this is a very commom fault,its usually the heater control valve.
  5. cooling

    the cylinder head temperature sensor that controls the fans is situated in the cylinder head
  6. Newbie, Got the Focus Zetec 2.0 08

    It should play mp 3 cds.Be aware that if you fit an induction kit you will void the warrany.
  7. output shaft speed sensor ??

    have you tred the coil?Common fault...
  8. Flashing light on dashboard

    the glow plug light covers many issus...it is an indicator that you have a problem.Idealy it should go to a dealer with the correct IDS equipment for accurate diagnosis.YYou ned to go to a dealership at some point to cler the fault codes and havethe light put out.
  9. TDCI Servicing and MPG

    If you take your vehicle into a main deal for your 25 k service mention your fuel consumption concerns and ask if there is a software up date for your vehicle.There usually is..
  10. Mk1 focus 1.8 misfire---help!!

    the main cause for a coil going is water ingree from thr washer jets,they leak and the water drips in to the plugwells.Assuming the coil is ok then the next point pf call is the plugs and leads....Also be aware that as the engine is mis firing,you are getting petrol going down the exhaust which can damage the down stream hego sensor and worst case,the cat as well....
  11. Mk1 focus 1.8 misfire---help!!

  12. Mk1 focus 1.8 misfire---help!!