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  1. S-Max Bonnet Latch Problems

    I had this issue - car was out of warranty and cost me £130 to get fixed. Have had several problems with my smax (barely 3 years old) including: air con leaking water into driver footwell, heated windscreen failed, door and windscreen plastic mouldings fell off, exhaust prematurely failed at 60000 miles and it eats tyres 'like a fat kid eats cake'. Great car to drive (2L diesel with IVDC) and looks good for an MPV but won't be getting a new one in Nov - it's just too annoying, inconvenient and expensive having to get these niggles fixed.
  2. Ford S-Max Wet Footwells Water Ingress

    I have the same problem with my Smax - clean water collecting in the drivers footwell - stops when I switch off the air con. I took the car to Ford and explained the problem and that a TSB existed for it but they claimed this was not the case and wanted to charge £85 just to investigate! Does anyone know the TSB reference so I can go back with some facts to back up the claim? Also, would this only be sorted FOC if the car was being serviced as part of the service or will Ford fix it if I just turn up. As Sods Law would predict the warranty expired 2 months ago so I'm not too chuffed about having to pay for known fault to be fixed.
  3. Smax Premature Exhaust Failure

    I tried Ford first - I approached the delaer that sold me the car and they didn't want to know. Exhaust is only covered for 12 months from new.
  4. Smax Premature Exhaust Failure

    Here are some pictures of the exhaust -
  5. Smax Premature Exhaust Failure

    I can't rule out wear and tear as an explanation but I have spoken to 2 independent mechanics who were very surprised that a 3 year old modern car needed a new exhaust at 63k miles. I usually travel 2500 miles per month - typical journey length is 150 - 250 miles. I had always assumed that long distance driving resulted in better exhaust longevity because the system gets hot during travel and any excess exhaust water left in the system at the end of the trip gets evaporated off quickly. In contrast, short trips tend to leave water from the exhaust emissions in the pipe - the pipe isn't hot enough to evaporate off the residue which results in accelerated degradation of the exhaust. This would suggest to me that I should have expected better than average lifespan on the exhaust? Assuming there was a fault with my original exhaust does anybody know how I would go about raising this with Ford? The local dealer isn't interested - "computer says no - exhaust is only covered for 1 year from new" was pretty much all they had to say about it. Who knows? - the Smax is still a relatively new car so maybe this problem will start to manifest itself more regularly as more cars exceed 60k miles... If I raise this with Ford now perhaps the Smax community as a whole will benefit if a fault is found. BTW when the garage ordered the new exhaust for me there was some confusion over what the current released parts were - it seems that Ford are in the process of changing the exhaust design/supplier - I wonder why?
  6. Smax Premature Exhaust Failure

    Hi While driving on the motorway in my Smax yesterday the back exhaust box fell off. The car was recovered and dropped at my local mechanic where inspection revealed that a complete new exhaust from the catalytic converter back to the tailpipe was required. The car is an 07 plate and has only done 63,000 miles, typically long distance (no exhaust killing stop start driving) so I am very disappointed to be shelling out the best part of £400 to get a new exhaust fitted. The pipe connecting the back box to the cat was absolutely shot to pieces and was beyond the wwear expected of a car this age and mileage. Has any one else experienced premature failure of the exhaust system on the Smax and is there any comeback from Ford on this? Cheers