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    03 focus tdi ghia
  1. focus 03 tddi 1800 fuel pump module cheap mine has just gone dose anyone know where i can get that or a pump with it on in the doncaster / rotherham area
  2. Cossi Yb Head

    hi all dose anyone know where their is a YB cossi head 4 wheel drive that has only had one skim or never been skimed idealy. cheers for any help in advance :) :) :)
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  9. new design

  10. dose anyone have a YB cossi head unskimed

  11. Show

    yeh thats what we didnt want as we like it as it is, a new picture of the coulour scheam is now on our web site www.teammarkkurallying.com we have only just got this site up and running so we will update as we go. pity about show
  12. Show

    hi all we are doing a show on 4th july at bramcoat barracks near hinkly, come along and see us we are giveing rides in the car around a rally stage the car will look diferant by then as we have sponsership from the army so it will be in army coulours sort of it will be black and green.
  13. Heated Front Screen

    cheers i guess its one of those things
  14. Heated Front Screen

    cheers, i will just have to do it the old fashond way ,with a scraper.30 seconds is no good to anyone
  15. Heated Front Screen

    hi no mine goes off no matter the wether just when i needed it too, on our rally car its stright forward turn it on or off no fancy timers