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  1. Mine's instant, again maybe look in the sync 2 conversion threads. Theres a really good thread on the UK Kuga owners club.
  2. Mine's sync 3 so would be different. There's a few threads about on sync 2 conversion. I would think you would find the answer there.
  3. Probably PDC architecture. Try APIM as built 7D02-02-xxxx-Xxxx Set mine to 2 and got the display back
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08H26W2FC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Currently not in stock.
  5. I would suggest a camera that is integrated into the tailgate handle, widely available. Easy to fit but a pain getting the cable to the front of the car.
  6. I would guess that this is an ABS issue. Without knowing if any DTC's exist it's difficult to be more precise.
  7. I think it's pretty straight forward, quite well documented in this forum. If you have the confidence all you need is a laptop and a suitable (quality) OBD cable.
  8. All done Camera from Amazon Massive thanks to @JPW couldn't have done it without his help.
  9. I already had cruise control.
  10. @JPW, yes mine was the same as yours. Just replaced the wheel, airbag, clockspring and stalk assembly. No wiring or programming changes. Both D-pads work as expected, cruise control fully operational. Was a bit worried when cruise didn't work after changing the clockspring. Fortunately after many hours of research I found the solution.
  11. Success I changed the clockspring but still had no cruise control, fortunately I purchased the clockspring complete with the indicator/wiper stalks etc. Everything now working as expected. Worth bearing in mind that my car is 2012 C Max and I think that they lag behind (parts wise) the Focus. I don't know wether the full assembly would be needed with all Focus'sThe only difference I can see on the indicator/wiper stalk PCB is a small capacitor on the left hand side behind the clockspring. Before changing this I had a DTC- B112B, Steering wheel module, mechanica
  12. Release the spring clips first, just so the airbag is ready to be removed, but don't remove it. Disconnect the battery then leave it for at least 10 minutes. You should then be fine ti disconnect the airbag. Been decorating all weekend, hopefully I should get a chance to replace my clockspring tomorrow.
  13. Haven't had time today guys. Hopefully get time this weekend. Will let you know when it's sorted.
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