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  1. Hi, just thought I would update with what the issue was/is. IMRC is stuck in the open position intermittently. Ford have said it will not cause any damage to the engine but I will not get the power that I should from the car and the light will keep coming on and off. I was quoted just under £290 - £216 for a new IMRC and £70 to fit it. I've seen the part for £176-ish on FordParts UK. Anyone know how easy this would be to remove the old one and stick the new one in? Thanks :-)
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what the issue I am having might be. Basically, the last few months my car (52 plate ST170) has been in and out of Ford about 4-5 times. Recently, I have had the main rear oil seal changed, timing belt changed and the rocker cover gasket changed. A day before I last took it in, the engine warning light came on. I checked the DTC codes using the trip mileage display and it said no DTC codes found and the light remained on. I then took the car to Ford and they said they found a code for the dreaded IMRC "stuck open" issue. They said when they checked it opened and closed fine so turned the light off and said keep an eye on it. Yesterday the light came back on and then later that night I noticed a burning/fishy oil smell :-s Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Also if anyone has recommendations for garages in the Portsmouth area, I would greatly appreciate it :-) Thanks
  3. St170 Issues

    Just got my car back and the tracking and balancing was severely out despite being done at a previous ford dealership. The bloke didn't realise it was another ford garage in the same group and said it didn't look like it had been balanced and that the other garages' tracking machine must have been broke :-/ Once I explained it was another ford garage in their group he was very apologetic and didn't charge for the tracking and balancing which was nice so overall a good experience from this specific branch and I'll definitely be going back :-)
  4. St170 Issues

    Just got a call from Ford... haven't finished checking the car yet but noticed an small oil leak on the crankshaft... said they can repair it but will have to order in the parts. it'll be around £160 to fix so I think I'll leave it until the end of the month :-/ Still waiting to here back about the rest :-/
  5. What's Your Focus Like On Petrol?

    Hi, I own a 2 Litre ST170 (52 plate) and I am getting 24.79 miles to the gallon (imperial gallon 4.55 litres approx) I am using Vpower petrol which despite alot of people arguing it doesn't do anything I think the car runs a little smoother and the petrol seems to last longer (probably psychological :P ). Anyway, prices where I am vary between 112.00p to about 119.00p. I am probably doing about 125 miles motorway driving a week and about 50-60 running around town so depending on how much motorway/town driving you are doing I would say you should be getting more than 25mpg.
  6. St170 Issues

    Just dropped her off at Ford... they said they need to do a road test :( hopefully it will be a good mechanic and not some little hoodlum raggin' me car around!!
  7. Hello From Portsmouth Uk

    Thanks :D I should be posting a lot here (hopefully not all problems )
  8. Hi, I found the site after I was searching for advice and thought I would say hello :-) I bought my first ford (focus ST170) 6 months ago and I'm really enjoying it! Also, If anyone has any garages in/around Portsmouth, Hampshire that they would recommend, I'd love to hear from you :-) Thanks
  9. St170 Issues

    Thanks for the info! Kinda hoping for a buckled wheel as I imagine it's cheaper than a driveshaft or wishbone! Also going to give a quick review of the garage so i'll either be singing some praise or naming and shaming them!
  10. St170 Issues

    thanks for the advice :-) i'm hoping its not going to be overly expensive :-/ i'll post again once I know the outcome :-)
  11. St170 Issues

    Hi, I'm a newbie here and thought it would be a good place to ask a few questions :-) I bought a ST170 about 6-7 months ago and a month or so back a BMW driver pulled out on me and ran me of the road - forcing me into a central reserve/island - Nice :-( Anyway, I hit the curb/kerb head on pretty much and tore my front left tyre. I took it to ford and they replaced the tyre and sorted out the tracking. They said they also had a check and that the wheel wasn't buckled and everything is fine. Then, a few weeks ago I noticed the steering vibrates at around 70-80mph+ and also there's a strange whirring noise from the back right-wheel. I have also noticed something really strange - sometimes it feels like it is slipping sideways and the steering pulls (on straights and corners and at any speed). Any advice or suggestions what this might be? I am taking it back to Ford on Thursday but it would be good to get an idea of what it might be before then :-) Thanks