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  1. Thermostat Housing Bolts

    Thanks... will give it a go :)
  2. Hi all, Two of the bolts for the thermostat housing on my ford focus (2001 1.6 petrol) has snapped off; the head part broken off. I have got replacement bolts to replace them. But can anyone give me advice on how I can remove/extract the two broken ones, it is tight and difficult area to work on.. so any advice tips would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance.
  3. Idle Revs Issue

    tried taking off and cleaning the idle control valve with car cleaner.. has made no difference unfortunately :(
  4. Idle Revs Issue

    will take it off and give it a clean over the weekend thanks.
  5. Idle Revs Issue

    HI all, i am having some issues with the idle rev on my focus which is a 2001 1.6 manual petrol model. When I am driving and come to a stop I put the car into neutral, the revs jump up to 2000-2100rpm and stay there for about 2 to 3 secs before dropping to about 1000rpm - my feet are off all the pedals. When i am in gear and driving the revs seems to be fine/normal - go into gear the revs are normal. Does anyone know what could be causing this, what do i need to look at? Thanks in advance guys.
  6. Oil Around Spark Plugs..

    great thank you :)
  7. Oil Around Spark Plugs..

    is the rocker cover gasket the same as (/another name for) the cam cover gasket please?
  8. Oil Around Spark Plugs..

    Thanks... is there another name for this as i am finding it hard to find it online.. searching on ecp to source the gasket.. is this it please?: Elring Camshaft Seal (Part No.: 369590300) Thanks again.
  9. Hi all, I changed the spark plugs this weekend on my car and notice that around two of the spark plugs there was some oil, looked like engine oil. I am guessing that some kind of seal/gasket needs replacing, can anyone tell mewhich gasket/seal it is that I need to replace please and also whether it is something that you could easily do yourself?. I mopped up all the oil that was there before putting the new plugs in. Also the boot release/open button on the dashboard seems to only work intermittently, anyone know how to cure this too please? My car is 2001 mk1 1.6 focus, thanks in advance guys :)
  10. A Few Niggling Problems.

    thanks.. i tried the WD40 it did not help. I will try to buy a motor and regulator off ebay and change it. Regarding the judderiing/shaking steer wheel.. I have brought a new tyre and it seems to have cured it.. will see if it occurs again and then take it to a garage. I jacked the car up on both sides and it all looked fine to me. I have another problem which i forgot to mention, the central locking in the car 95% of the time does not work when i use the button on the drivers side door to lock all the doors. Only 5% or less of the time if I use the button will it lock all the doors on the car, most of the time it will only lock the drivers side door. The central locking works fine if i use the remote keyfob to lock the doors though. any ideas anyone?
  11. A Few Niggling Problems.

    Thanks... things to check over the weekend :)
  12. Hi all.. I am having a few niggling problems with my 2001 focus. First is that the front passenger electric window, goes down without any problems.. but when i comes to putting it back up (closing) it struggles to go up/close.. comes up very slowly.. you can hear it struggling. Does anyone know what the cause of it might be? If it was the electric window motor would the open window(window down) function also not be affected? The second problem is that the front passenger side wheel keeps develeping a bump on the tyre after a while. This is the 3rd tyre that has developed a bump on the tyre. It is causing the steering wheel to wobble as i drive. Braking is not affected nor is the car pulling to one side. I have checked that the tyre is not catching on the wheel arch lining or anything. What else could i check/be causing the tyre to develope a bump? Thanks in advance guys :)
  13. To Fix Or Scrap... Advice Needed..

    out of interest... how hard would it be or cost effective to convert it to a manual transmission?
  14. To Fix Or Scrap... Advice Needed..

    Thanks guys. I have relayed all the info to her... so upto her to decide what she wants to do now.