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  1. Hey guys i am really getting annoyed with this car(wheels) and no 1 can help unless you have money and lots of it (which i dont).... now the question is........ why are they sooooo knackered already??? i have read alot about others that are experiencing the same problem, so they has to be an answer please. i have thought about taking it up at fords head office, but i need proof of this happening............... can you help me or what???????? THIS NEEDS TO BE SORTED AS THE TYRE BILL IS GUNNA GO THROUGH THE ROOF NOT TO MENTION ABOUT THE STEERING/SUSPENSION COMPONENTS GOING THROUNGH ALL THIS COMOTION............ WHAT YOU GUYS SAY.
  2. Zetec S Alloys Ruined

    would you say that a 225/55 R16 would fit on the 16inche 15 spoke rims or not................ ????????????
  3. Zetec S Alloys Ruined

    I've been looking all over the internet about problems with the Fiesta MK7 and there seems to be a hell of a lot going on here.............. *INCLUDING MINE* I have a Steering issue(to the right), MASSIVE wheel vibration(buckled wheels) and even the back wheels are looking out of allignment.................. whats going on???????? i am going to raise this issue and see if there is anything that can be done(like a RE-CALL) to sort this issue out once and for all!!!!!!!!!!! can we start a good thread of and i am sure i can use it as a log or somthing---------->CHEERS<----------
  4. !!!!!16" Alloy Wheels 15 Spoke!!!!!

    £244------->EXPENSIVE!!!!!! cheers anyways...... i will check this website out n see wat happens. worst part is, 1 pothole caused major deng and bent steering arm or something as now it steers to the right all day long...............
  5. I have just been quoted for a pair of front wheels(16 INCHE 15 SPOKE) AND IT AINT ON!!!!!!!!!!! NOT HAPPY 1 BIT...... i need two wheels desperatly as the KIRKLEES ROADS have made them change shape nearer to a 50 pence piece if anyone could help me and direct me to a decent place or watever then it'll surely be appreciated................... (bare in mind........... i am a bum at the moment living on JSA lol) B)
  6. Maf Or Air Flow Meter Or Watever It Is????

    Is that safe to do so???
  7. Maf Or Air Flow Meter Or Watever It Is????

    ye ye cheers mate, and ye you can remove the MAF out the top of the airbox by just two torx screws........ i am pretty sure tht i did take care of it coz ther is a tiny little wire tht glows (V. V. V. V. DELICATE) i am sure i was carefull but if not....... WHERE AND HOW MUCH PLZ MATE!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I have Fitted a K&N air filter to the Car (Mk7) and used some rubber hose to assemble correctly, i have removed the top of the air box and taken the MAF out of it and made a slot in the rubber hose to fit the MAF and sealed it..... now before i will admit... i fitted the K&N on it with the Hose and removed the top of the air box to make it fit (UNPLUGGING THE MAF) then ran it.... thus creating the light to come on and using excessive fuel... but now i have done the job properly, having th MAF part of the induction but still the light is on and still using lots of fuel...... only done 40 miles or so atm, so is it a matter of waiting till it goes out or do i have a problem????? PLEASE HELP cheers..... doorag
  9. Fezz BOMB

    just a few pics of the sexy little ride