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  1. Car polishers?

    Hi all, We have a Ford Focus, the pale metallic blue colour, less than a year old. Living and driving daily in central London has left poor Bryan a bit dull looking. He was such a pretty baby. Still is but his sparkle is gone. Taking him through the carwash fills me with dread as I hate the thought of him getting scratched. I cannot find a single reputable valet near us. Family and friends have used some but not one would recommend any as all had problems (scratches, polish swirls, theft!). I wash and polish him myself but he's still missing that lustre he used to have. I'm thinking of taking the plunge and buy a handheld car polisher but a "proper" one, not the Halfords £20 ones. The professional ones are apparently capable of bringing a car back to show room shine and both come with a money back guarantee which is reassuring. The 2 best I've found with great reviews are the Porter cable 7424 and the Ultimate Detailing Machine. They both seem to be great machines but I'm jsut wondering if anyone has any personal experience before I fork out almost $200 for it. The wife is also curious as she wants to use it for waxing the small bit of wooden floor inside the front door Fab forum by the way.