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  1. I have the early Powershift model (2010). I got the car at 45000 miles and was a bit nervous about Powershift reputation. The service book recorded that the oil and filter had been changed at 37500 but not by Ford. I had a trust issue with this so I had Ford carry out the service and I have kept it up to date since. I have had no problems with the Powershift. I like the way that it drives and I am now at 85000 miles. I think that the original problems relate to the dry Powershift gearboxes in the lower power / smaller Fords.
  2. So has anyone experienced anything like this before? I have had my car for five years and nothing like this has ever happened before. I recently unlocked the car, the door locks open, the mirrors extend, the interior lights come on, the dash display lights up and the radio works. Everything was normal When I pushed the start button the car died completely. The dash display went dead and nothing worked. I thought that the battery was flat and stuck my CTEK charger on but it would not work. When I switched on the charger there was lots of clicking coming from the fuse box
  3. Hi All – My name is Rick. I have owned my 2010 Mondeo Titanium X Sport Powershift for five years now. Great car to drive and long may it continue. Looking forward to learning from and contributing to the forum.
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