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  1. Had my man out this morning. Seems there has been a small oil/ diesel leak dripping down the back of the lump onto a coolant hose. That hose must of slit, dumped all the coolant, engine got hot & popped the head gasket. Cylinder 1 was full of water this morning. So it's now a full on strip down, skim the head & rebuild. Can wait to spend loads of money 😞
  2. Thanks for that, had a read through. But don't quite cover the issues I'm having with mine
  3. Hi all First post so please be gentle Mk3 2012 1.6tdci with 100800 on the clock. All been fine up until this afternoon. After a quick wash I took it for a spin, as you do & after about 100m it started to cough & splutter, like it was only running on 3. Thought it might of just been a bit of water getting in somewhere it shouldn't. But when I got back home I noticed no coolant in the header tank & it was now running like a right pig. Topped the coolant up, checked the oil on the dip-stick & removed the oil filler cap (very small amount of mayo on the cap). It took around 5L of water before it was on min in the header tank. Tried to start the car & it just wouldn't have it. Striped the rocker cover off & all was ok, apart from a little mayo near the oil filler cap, bit of oil in the top boost hose, bit of mayo in the air box to turbo hose. Cleaned all that lot up, put it all back together & it started, but was running really rough, little bit of (possible) white smoke out the back. Drove it from back of my house to the front (around 70-100m) & the header tank was empty within that short drive. I'm not that up to date with these modern engines any more, but I'm ok with the basic stuff. Few bit's I've seen online are suggesting it could be the EGR valve, letting coolant water into the engine or head gasket. Anyone got any ideas???? Thanks in advance
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