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  1. was well aware of the risk. im just at my wits end with this car. if it turns out to be a major problem i might just end getting rid of the thing and getting a bicycle.
  2. jeebowhite, still got the car running rough at idle and despite artscots best efforts in previous posts and my vain attempts at diagnostics i still havnt resolved it. got a big pay cheque coming up shortly so going to get my garage to give it a proper going over and actually solve the damn thing once and for all. i think im imune to some 12v shicks. im always tinkering with electrics in some form or other its the coil pack on the ford that gives me a kick
  3. seen a tip here somewhere regarding removing the negative cable from the battery while the engine is running to check if alternator is doing its job correctly. i know from searching google to that this isnt exactly safe for modern cars but i tried it anyway since im going to get it checked by a mechanic. when i remove the negative cable the car runs but if i turn the heating on the traction control and abs lights come on for a split second then the car dies. does this sound like normal behavior to anyone ?
  4. Idle Control Valve

    how to: http://www.explorer4x4.com/iac.htm
  5. Clutch Help

    i had a similar issue with rising revs around 1st & 2nd gear and maintained same speed when my coil pack went bad. if you give it full throttle in 4th gear and speed is the same but revs keep climbing then yeah its most probably clutch slip. dont touch coil pack with engine running i nearly killed myself by accidentally touching it last time.
  6. Weird Rpm.

    good how to here: http://www.explorer4x4.com/iac.htm
  7. To Say Hello And Ask A Tag Advice

    stick to one thread you will get more results instead of posting it 3 times in different forums :P
  8. A Weird Problem

    should stick to one thread Smith you will get better results.
  9. Weird Rpm.

    it looks like this and if your engine is similar to my 1.6 zetec it will probably be to the left of throttle body. follow the large air hose from the air filter box down to the engine where it attaches to the throttle body. mines was absolutely horendous to get out. same with the pcv valve and hose because its all behind the intake manifold. i had to use an assortment of long nosed pliers and my fishing forceps just to get the wire off
  10. Should petrol stations show the amount of tax?

    im sure the amount of tax and vat is on your receipt, i dunno i havnt really checked. the info is quite easy to find though. if petrol is 132.9p per litre it gets brokendown to: tax & vat = 80.10p refinery = 47.8p the petrol station = 5p i think they make more profit selling !Removed! and chocolate.
  11. Facebook Help

    ive been slowly catagorising all my shots for a fishing website im creating and on facebook. theres no real intention to make money from them but a little pocket money once in a blue moon sounds good. i just wondered how people do it. ill try out flickr B)
  12. Facebook Help

    done :) just wondering though how you manage to sell your photos. ive got some excellent shots, all sort of nature and scenic shots from when im fishing. i guess im a kind of enthusiastic amateur photographer and put a little more thought in to the photos than just point and shoot. wouldnt mind making a few quid out of some photos even if its only enough to buy new fishing rods or reels :)
  13. Rear Washer Hose

    havnt had as much as an advisory for my rear washer that stopped working 3 years ago
  14. Road Rage

    not very often but when someone does something really stupid i do get a bit of the rage. was on the motorway and it had been reduced to one lane due to motorway maintenance. it was also down to 30mph because of road workers in the lanes that had been closed. im not one for slowing right down to 30mph i must admit, but when your passing workmen on the motorway its the right thing to do. anyway this idiot blazes past me at 50mph on the hard shoulder sending all sorts of crap flying up on to my windows and paintwork, could have cracked my windscreen or damaged paintwork9they were big bits of gravel not just dust). sure my car looks like a piece of crap bu thats no excuse. he got a few choice words, hand gestures and flashing lights. luckily he was going in exactly the same direction as me so tailed him lane for lane and speed. could see him get flustered and eventually he quickly pulled in to a bus stop. im glad i didnt stop behind him or i woulda done something he would have regretted
  15. Other drivers who dont say thanks

    mobiles really get on my !Removed!. yesterday some plonker was hogging two lanes while im trying to pass. guess what, he was on his phone. funny though cause i blasted my horn when i passed and he quickly straightened up and put the phone down. benefits of a white ford focus estate, looks a little like an older cop car. takes a second look to realise it isnt :D