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  1. Thanks again Jim, I've just taken a look at that test and I was pretty impressed with the results especially when I saw how far down the list the likes of Michelin were! Of course I realise that there are far more aspects to the performance of a tyre than just dry/wet braking these look like a good fit for the type of use the car get's. The test also bares out my thoughts on the Vredestines which our boss insists on having fitted to the emergenct response cars and I personally feel that they are pretty crap totally lacking in feedback and failing to inspire confidence.
  2. hi Jim, I'm in total agreement with you regarding not skimping on tyres and always go for premium brands on my main car which is used for long distance high speed journeys on the continent, however for the type of use the fusion is put to which is 99% local low speed journeys I really don't want to spend a lot but at the same time I will be avoiding cheap chinese rubbish like the plague! just looking to find a sensible balance really, i have now looked at the CF2 and will take a look at the Kumho's. just out of interest i found a tyre size comparison site which indicates that
  3. Hi and thanks for the replies guys, the reason that I was looking at the nanos was purely around cost/reviews, at about £40 a corner/known make/ decent reveiws it just caught my interest. never thought about the CF 2 so I'll take a look at those. I did realise that the speedo would be slightly out but was more concerned about any fitting issues ie clearance although I know that there isnt much difference in diameter.
  4. I've just changed mine and if you fancy doing it yourself they are pretty easy, just make sure that you get the proper locking pin kit. although I believe that you can use drill bits of a suitable size the locking pins are dirt cheap on amazon anyway.
  5. Might be worth trying a scrapyard, I need to replace mine and thats where I'll be looking first.
  6. Hi, new to the forum as I recently bought a 2004 Fusion 1.4 tdci. I have given the car a full service , replaced the rear seatbelt catch, fitted a towbar (30 quid off ebay!) and given her a ***** good clean and polish. now however I need to start thinking about new tyres, looking around I quite fancy some Toyo nanoenergy 3s however the current tyres are 195 60 15s and the toyos are only available as 195 65 15s so the question is this , will they fit and is there likely to be any real detrimental affect? I dont drive like a loony (too old for that!) just want something decent at as cheap a
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