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  1. Just to be nit picky but some of the files for the F9 maps for me did restart from the beginning and some didn't move at all when the car was locked in the 30 minutes the WiFi stays active.
  2. It's not correct. I've seen progress on the download bar while driving.
  3. I have a 2020 Focus ST built in May I believe. This started the other day with a failure of the instrument panel. No lights on the instrument panel or anything else, just dead. Restarted the car and still dead. Drove home, left it for about 20 minutes, started it up and now it was fully working. The next day, set off for work and had to reverse, the reversing beeps sounded tinny or weird, got to work and opened the door and also the door chime sounded weird too. Restarted the car, they then both sounded normal. Had this on a couple of occasions. Now today, I've had the emergency call system malfunction appear on the car. Sync seems to work fine as does the phone being connected as I recieved a text which alerted me and read it out. Speakers seem fine though the SOS button does glow bright red. Guess I'll have to book it in with lookers and see what they say.
  4. I maybe over cautious, but I have the map files direct from Ford over Wi-Fi, so it was ok for me. While they might say that it's at the owners risk, if for any reason that system got bricked doing an update officially, the car would be straight back to Ford and not collected till they sorted something out.
  5. VIN search says there is an update for sync or maps? If maps, can people see what I mean by using a link to download that wasn't offered to you. Again, just to repeat, I'm in no doubt the link works, it's what happens after for the Ford systems that worry me more. Did you download the file to send back to Ford?
  6. I'm one of these people that would prefer to do everything by the book so to speak. While I understand that the link from Alex is a direct download from Ford, it's still not officially (officially in a sense Ford offered it to me) from Ford as it's come from someone else. While I'm more than certain that using the link from Alex will work, being that person that does everything by the book, in my eyes, if something did go wrong, where does that leave you when you own a 30 grand car. Ford systems seem not to know whats happening when you do it the correct way, never mind doing it the incorrect way. Just to repeat. I know the link from Alex will work, I'd rather just not use it.
  7. Some trouble I found is downloading over WiFi was when I locked the car up, when coming back to it for some of the downloads, they hadn't moved. It took sitting in the car with the ignition on for them to move.
  8. That I'm up to date. But it said that after the 3.4 sync update before I downloaded F9 maps over WiFi. I downloaded over WiFi as the site wasn't offering the F9 maps to me. The sync 3.4 was done via USB and correctly sent the file back to Ford. So do Ford know I have the F9 maps via downloading from automatic system updates?
  9. Is there anything you need to do after you've updated over WiFi or will Ford automatically know you've got the latest version so when a new one becomes available ( 🤣 ) they will offer it? Still says map update available on my Ford account but I'm all up to date over automatic system updates.
  10. Where would be the best place to get in contact with them over this issue? Mine was definitely two years but has now changed to one.
  11. This states 12 months. Thats pretty crap that mine was originally 2 years but now it's one.
  12. Mine was two year, but when I checked on the account it's now only one year.
  13. Could anyone check their accounts?
  14. Wasn't this two years? Just logged into my Ford account and it runs out on 24/7/21. I only got the car in July so that would make it a one year subscription.