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  1. Isn't that because its a new thing from around 2018?
  3. I have a 2020.25my with 3.4 from the factory and I don't have local hazard information.
  4. The £3.49 is for live traffic isn't it? I'd love to know how to get live hazard information working though.
  5. Are people getting confused (might be me). Keyless entry, you need to touch the handle, keyless exit (might not be a thing?) You tap the lock part of the handle once or twice.
  6. When using this site it checks the software which states up to date but the second check (I presume maps?) fails with a try again later. Does that happen to anyone else?
  7. Just picked up a new Focus ST (built May I believe). SYNC 3.4 and is up to date. F8 maps. Going onto and inputting the vin, software states up to date but the 2nd check fails (maps I presume?) Stating please try again later. In the car, has a modem, activated the 3 months vodafone 3GB trial. Live traffic is switched on. Local hazard information is greyed out and can't be switched on. Going to my ford account states I have no active subscriptions.
  8. Does anyone know the service intervals for the MK4 focus ST 2.3?
  9. If I'm correct, that's 2020.25my build so I guess from that build onwards.
  10. Do you know what build it is? Is it a 2020.25my build?
  11. Hey, how new? When did they start redesigning these?
  12. You never originally before I corrected you. You were basically calling the poster a liar saying it couldn't display the information when they already said they could.
  13. It's already been answered. Just you were providing incorrect information when the original post stated you can have the information on the screen you then came along to say you couldn't.
  14. No, you've tried to edit your post. Trying reading your post when I quoted you. You said the info is only displayed on new Fords with Sync 2