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  1. Thanks for your reply, Its weird as before trying to clean the valve i haven't had the check engine light turned on, I just done it as it seemed real sluggish and people on different forums said that egr and maf sensor kill performace(not saying that my 1.4tdci is a performance car) and i doubt that the electrical side would get damaged within 2 weeks of trying to sort the egr cooler. I got the cooler and valve together for 35 pound of ebay(the egr valve was more clogged up than mine that came with the car) so i got another valve lying around so might try swapping the electrical sides and see
  2. Hi folks i got a mk6 ford fiesta 08 plate and recently i have cleaned the egr valve, had some hickups along the way and had to change the egr cooler since the side that goes with the egr valve was bent and was leaking gases(heard hissing sounds coming from the egr valve/cooler P0404 code) that being said i came back home, the next day i start my car and the check engine light comes on. get my obd2 scanner got P0404 code. Today i have went and got the top off from the egr and wanted to check if I've managed to put everything back as it should which from my side looked ok but to make it cle
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