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  1. Focus 1.6Tdci 2006 Dpf Problems

    hi there, from my understanding im under the impression that if i could get it out of limp mode and get some resistors for the gas pressure sensor & the gas temp sensor which sits in the dpf to make it beleive its regenerating successfully then i wont need to worry about regen anymore. what i need is the suitable OHMS value for the resistors to be fitted at ends of each sensor. as for the smoke, the dpf and cat is all one unit so i would say that certain percentage of soot would get burnt up in the cat as the cat does not need regeneration, the car has been in limp mode for three weeks, when revd up it will go to about 3500rpm and theres no smoke, the longer you keep it revd up the higher the tempreture of the cat which burns up most of the toxins, the particle filter(which is the added filter to the cat) at regeneration stage gathers the soot remaining and forces it through the filter with high levels of fuel and NO2(nitroge oxide) burning at high temperatures, dropping the levels of co2 even further, the regeneration process is only for the particle filter to burn the excess soot to be cleaned not for the cat. if some one knows the process involved, i am willing to try it or pay to have it done, even if i have to fit a normal catolyc converter and take this dpf/cat off my car. the benefit of having a dpf is cheaper road tax for ourselves and creating more revenue for the government as you have to replace the dpf at some stage throught the life of your vehicle at 75k , but the charges on higher fuel bills and dpf replacement through out the life of your vehicle outweigh the benefits on road tax. i understand if it doesnt meet the certain levels of co2 at mot stage, it will change the banding for cheap road tax, which does not make much difference anyway. also if someone knows where i can get the regeneration software from it would be helpfull cheers
  2. Focus 1.6Tdci 2006 Dpf Problems

    hi there, thanks for the responses guys, what i mean by the dpf delete kits is to make the ecu stop monitoring the dpf and trying to regenerate, thats where the problem is when it tries to regenerate and it fails to do that, this is when it goes in to limp mode. what i need is a simulator of some sort to unplug the sensor from the dpf and plug it in to this dpf simulator, which then makes the ecu think the dpf is regenerating successfully. this process does not require the dpf to phsicly be removed, removing the dpf will result in the car throwing black soot out, you got to remember the dpf and cat is all one unit. this process is available in usa. i am sure theres got to be some one out there who can delete the dpf from the ecu. cheers
  3. Hi there, i have had a focus 1.6tdci 2006 for about 6 months, its got 110000 on the clock and its not had a dpf replacement since manufactured, i know this as i have done a trace on the service history and have been told by dealers who carried out the services. ok now this dpf has been causing me some problems the car keeps going in to limp mode a red rigid edge circuller warning light with a "exclamation mark in it" appears on the dash when ever its in limp mode, so for some time now i have been using a OBD2 resetting meter to reset the car from being in limp mode, i could be driving down and suddenly its in limp mode i then stick this obd2 machine to the obd2 plug and reset, but a couple of days ago the engine has been in limp mode and i have been trying to take it out of limp mode and for some reason its not resetting, it gives me a fault code of p242f, i take it this is a dpf fail fault code, ford dealers are asking £800 to replace the dpf, this is robbery. Its a con the government trying to cut down on emissions, these cars with DPF'S you have to drive on high revs for some time for the dpf to clear which results in you using more fuel making more tax revenue for the government and using more fossil fuels (killing the plannet). Does some body know how to get hold of them DPF DELETE KITS or is there some one out there who can delete it, i am willing to pay half the price for the cost of a replacement dpf to have it permanantley deleted. Any information to sort this problem out would be much appreciated. cheers
  4. thanks for the info, i think i have messed this one up buying this car, looking at all them costs i am gona need a morgage, but anyway my mate has erased the error codes with a obd2 and its come out of limp mode so i have give it a good run, im not sure if it has cleared the dpf as i still feel some judders when you change gear an exelerate but it is better than limp mode, any idea where the additive reservoir is? also if you could addvise on the procedure on "forced dpf regeneration" which would be quite helpful thanks, well that guy i bought this car off was definately a trader as he mention the log book is registered in some other address and hes selling this as it was taken in p/x, it also has full dealer history im gona enquire with ford dealers on these service stamps and what was done to the car while being serviced, as i have not been given any list of works done to this car timing belt or dpf change, but i dont really wana go down the route of contacting trading standards, i should of done my homework before buying a deisal car as ive always stuck to petrol and not had problems. i was trying to be economical. :(
  5. hi there, this car (ford focus 1.6cdti) i bought private last week it done 113000miles, anyway i have a mate whos done a diagnostic check and its showing error code p242f, checked on the net for definition, some DPF restriction, i have been told by a local mechanic that these cars have a dpf filter which can get clogged it needs cleaning or replacing, can any one shed light on this subject please.
  6. hi everyone please help, im new to this site so be tender, i have bought a 55reg focus 1.6tdci, i was driving when suddenly a "red warning light" came on dash its a "ring type with a exclamation mark in it" i lost power immediately the more you put your foot down the slower it gets it seems the turbo does not kick in, checked manual it doesnt help at all, has any one come across this problem?