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  1. Hi, My 54 plate Focus 1.4 has a problem that the speedo stops working and the mileage readout becomes four dashes,then sometimes the engine management light comes on as well-the fault reader said it was a speed sensor?.Anyone any ideas .Thanks
  2. Tried to start the car today it briefly started and then jerked to a stop,tried to restart it but sounds like no compression just turning and turning with no attempt to restart itself,I'm thinking broken belt?I have a spare 1.25 zetec cylinder head from a 1997 Fiesta will this fit the 02 model(it says Zetec SE on the top).Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. I just damaged the one on my 5 door but was wondering if one of a 3 Door would fit?thanks
  4. No Power On Start Up

    You wouldn't happen to know anyone with one?
  5. No Power On Start Up

    Stef,it doesn't judder or stall,it's just like there is no power for 20 seconds and then all of a sudden it will just take off.But that 20 seconds is scary as you're stuck in the middle of the road with no chance of movement,it seems to be just from cold.
  6. No Power On Start Up

    Changed the TPS,still the same.No management light on,so no clue as to why it is doing this.
  7. I've got a 57 Plate Ka Style Climate,on start up and you try to move off the car loses all power and becomes stationary in the middle of the road (very dangerous),but all of a sudden it regains all it's power and takes off,anyone come across this before?there is no engine management light on or codes left.Help please.
  8. Dash Board Problem

    forgot to say the mechanic checked the fuses behind the glovebox and put it all back together and the dash gave the full sweep of revs and speedo and everything was working including the odometer etc,but the next day it was all gone again.
  9. Dash Board Problem

    The dash on my 02 Focus 1.4 has started acting funny,it does not now show mileage or revs or speedo but the temp and fuel gauge go to halfway even though the car is has not been started.Anyone any ideas?any help greatly appreciated.
  10. Mondeo Alternator

    anyone know if the Diesel and Petrol alternators are interchangeable?.
  11. Mondeo Alternator

    The Only other thing is the alternator I've fitted was of a Diesel Mondeo,mine is Petrol-does this make a difference?,thanks.
  12. Hi,I've got a 2001 Mondeo 2.0 LX petrol and had a problem with the battery draining overnight and replaced the alternator and this has cured the overnight draining of the battery,but now I have an intermittent loss of vehicle power and the car just stops and won't take any revs and won't move under it's on power,but turn it off or leave it for a couple of minutes and it'll be fine for another wee while then it does it again-anyone any ideas?the only thing different about the alternators is the original had a clutch pulley fitted and the replacement doesn't.any help greatly appreciated,thanks.
  13. Leaking Power Steering Pipes

    Thanks for that,tried all the ford parts suppliers mentioned above they could only supply 2 types one that fits 15/04/99 to 14/02/01 (part no. 1120909) or the one for 14/02/01 to 14/10/02 (part no. 1138010)-Unfortunatly my car is a 52 plate reg.01/03 so these others won't fit.I went on Ebay on the 30th july and done a buy it now for a set of 03 pipes from a breakers in Preston with a 2-day delivery specified-I've still not received them and I'm phoning and asking he keeps saying they are sent but due to me being so far away it could still take a while and that I've phone him next tuesday if they've not arrived and he'll check the tracking number.
  14. the power steering pipes on my 52 plate KA are leaking and look quite rusty-a 25,000 mile car!anyway I called ford and they quoted some crazy prices for the 2 power steering pipes,somewhere near 500 quid for the 2-anyone got any ideas to a cheaper source for KA parts or even an engineering firm who can copy these parts as they don't look like they'd cost half-a-grand to make, more like 30 quid it's costing ford to make them and sticking them in to us for the price of Rolls Royce parts.
  15. just failed the MOT,the petrol tank on my W-reg Focus Zetec Estate has it's straps rusted through and broken-i priced one of them at over a hundred quid-anyone any ideas on how to secure the tank without shelling out all this cash for a strap?.any ideas greatly appreciated.