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  1. Good morning Ken, what is the problem you have ? The install has not completed ? or that your missing a file?
  2. Hi Stephen, Apple and Windows don't speak the same language. Pragmatix is right that you need to install iTunes on the phone and laptop, then stand on your head, rub your tummy with one hand while drinking a glass of water, it's really quite simple - I don't understand your problem 🤣 On the other hand the quickest way to do it is to send them by e-mail to yourself and and open them on the iPhone. You will need to limit the amount of photos in each attachment to about 10-12 Mb per e-mail. Remember to delete the e-mails on both devices after you have saved the photos on the iPhone.
  3. Hi John, glad to know you have got it sorted 🙂
  4. Well Leo you could start by taking the time to fill in your profile details like what car you have, then you could go to the members section and introduce yourself and then you could start a new post that explains what your problem is in a logical manner. This answer might sound blunt but since the forum seems at the moment to be getting new members at a very high rate then help will more likely be given to those who help by explaining what they are in need of.
  5. Hi Paul, I would think thats about right. Say £70 labour and £75 parts. If he put just decent pads and discs on the parts would be more than the eBay putty discs and rubber pads.
  6. Hi Luke, have noticed that in the last 48 hours there have been dozens and dozens of new 'members' all asking one line questions. I've answered loads of them but no response from them as though they never come back to read the replys. Also strange amount of new none UK members. Its almost like the board is being spammed. I'm going to stop replying to newbies for a while. I would love to know what the normal daily rate is for new members and what it has been these last few days
  7. So why do you think it is over heating if everything is normal?
  8. Thank heavens for Brexit !! long live MPG 🤣
  9. I just made the opposite mistake when I noticed revesing my car I could see the the reflection and I only had one reverse light. Turns out the other is my rear Fog 🤣
  10. Well I'm not a 100% sure, but nearly all cars these days only have one rear fog on the drives side. The other is often just a dummy or the revese light. Best check other Fiesta's first before you go scrambling about in the back of wheel arches 😉
  11. Hi CSC, can I guess its the one on the passenger side (Near Side) ?
  12. The "Near Side" is the passenger side. The "Off Side" is the drivers side. That link is for the N/S but you can not use that on the O/S. The back plates are a mirror image of each other This is the O/S back plate: https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/251609426d-rear-brake-drum-backing-plate-right.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwyN-DBhCDARIsAFOELTlbkB9_7A0a9v19wb6DiHGdqG9O10seVniUDa7qWdWgVXkYdpu6Nq0aArA0EALw_wcB
  13. Hello Cam2872, and Welcome to the Ford Owners Club 😀 So you have lost the locking wheel nut, oh dear but not the end of the world. You could take it to a Ford Service department and hope they have one that will take them off, but there are hundreds of different pattens. Do a Google for local specialist engineering companies near you. They can normally get them off quite quickly but you will need to buy replacments. I assume that you don't have the orginal handbook together with all the little bits of card and leaflets that Ford like to put in the owners handbook. If you do have
  14. Hi Karl - Welcome to the Ford Owners Club. Yes they are different the one above is for the N/S (near side / passenger side). If the only problem is they are a bit rusted then remove them and get them sand/bead blasted it will only cost a few pounds. Any company that refurbishes wheels will have a bead blasting equipment. Once they are nice and clean just buy a can of spray on Hammerite Paint (lots of diffrent colours to choose from), and they will look better than new 😀
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