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  1. Hello Tim, first thing - can you plug in to the new unit ? If yes, then I would suspect that the extra wire is used on high spec models for things like low fuel warning lights or possible fuel computer. So don't worry about it. If no, then you probably have the wrong unit for for your car.
  2. The handel/button assembly is surpposed to be released from inside by squeezing the spring clips inwards. You can do it from outside if you slide something like the edge of an old credit card between the boddywork and the handle, it just takes a little practice. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254562997898
  3. Have they said in which year ? 🤣
  4. I have the same problem on my Focus Mk4 drivers side. Looking to try and find a replacment part. If I find any info for the Puma I will let you know.
  5. Hi Dave, welcome to the Ford Owners Club 👍
  6. Hi Chris, I know this is not your model but just as an example: https://www.transitcenter.uk/coolant-reservoir-hose-overflow-ford-transit-connect-2002-thermostat-housing-p-4121.html I've just looked at your picture and you don't seem to have the pipe next to the filler cap 😟 for an overflow. I guess on your model it just blows the excess out of the filler cap, if that is the case then I think you would be able to see quite a mess
  7. Hello Chris, I have been driving mostly automatics since 1998 and to be honest I would never want to go back to manual. Each and every manufacturer, and every model will preform diffrently with an automatic, but thats the same for manuals. In the old days automatics used to use more fuel due to having only 3 gears and a torque converter. More modern automatics these days have at least 6 gears and most have 8 or more. Many now use a gearbox and clutch system very similar to a manual and often are more efficient in the real world than a manual. After all would you like to keep changing up and down through 9 gears ? I fully recommend switching over to an automatic (not the EcoSport, which seems to have a few issues). Like any change of car you will have to adapt your style of driving. For example going down hill there is almost no engine braking, so lift off the accelerator much sooner and you will have to use the foot brake. The Focus has a good automatic gearbox, and as cars go its reliable. The gearbox transmission fluid should be changed at about 75,000 miles even though Ford will claim it's sealed for life.
  8. Very good 👍 Must just have been a bit of a glitch with the system, or maybe you upset your car and it was needing some help 🤣
  9. Hi Chris, a faulty thermostat can causes issues with over heating which leads to excess pressure in the system. Those engines that Plastic thermostat housings also sometimes suffer from leaks when the plastic gets hot. I don't know if your engine has the plastic or the aluminium alloy thermostat housing but it's something to take a look at. If you want to check to see if the coolant is being expelled from the coolant tank, place the overflow pipe in a plastic bag and fasten with an elastic band. If the coolant is being blown out of the expansion tank due to excess presure you will be able to see it collected in the plastic bag.
  10. From the problems posted on here and other sites, the only ecoboost engine that seems to have more than its fair share of problems is the 3 cylinder 1.0 all others appear to be as normal and as reliable as any other make. As @Eric Bloodaxe has said the 1.6 petrol is generally very reliable and easier and chaeper to fix. That does not mean it will always be 100% fault free !
  11. This is a very intresting video for all those who would like to know why their Stop/Start system doesn't work. Just looking a the video and doing a very rough count it seems that there is over 110 sensors/items/conditions that have to be "Just Right" before the system will operate.
  12. I have a very fine test probe almost like a needle which can push through the insulation. When I was fitting the reverse camera I needed to find the reverse light wire and found the harness in the headlining but had to test 7 wires before I got the right one. Ford have put a tiny dot of what looks like paint on the end of the wire. Its of zero help when trying to trace a wire.
  13. 1.6 petrol is a good option. In fact most Ford engines with a full FOUR cylinders is a good option !
  14. That would be the way to go. Find the wire at the point where it leaves the body and goes in to the flexible cable joint to the tailgate. I just hope that a Fiesta 2020, is not like a Focus 2019 which uses all black wires with no identification in the tailgate
  15. Unless you want diesel, there is very little option these days, you could get an e-scooter 🤣 What about the 1.5 Diesel ?
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