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  1. I very much doubt that "siggy_7" cares anymore, that post is 4 years old now. Also 1.0 Ecoboost engines with wet belts should never be flushed, other than by doing repeated oil changes with the normal engine oil. The use of any flushing oil will cause the wet belts to deteriorate.
  2. Hi Tizer, I thought 'Auto Hold' only operated on the front discs ? but I admit that I don't know that for sure.
  3. Please repost in the FIESTA forum.
  4. Hello Denise, is you car 3 door or 5 door ? .... and if 5 door does it have electric windows on the rear doors ? When you say the mirror is not working is that all of it or just some functions ? Is the mirror power fold or manual fold ?
  5. Hello David, I've had a look at your wiring pin outs and assuming that no mistakes were made, then what you have is logical. Is this a 3 door or 5 door fiesta ? ..... and if it is a 5 door does it have electric windows on the back doors ? What I would suggest (I know it's more work) is taking the mirror off the passenger side and plugging it in on the drivers side. It should work (pan left/right might be reversed but not important for test purposes). If the passenger mirror works on the drivers side then you can say the problem is not the car. Next if the passenger mirror works on the drivers side, you could just to prove a point try the drivers mirror on the passenger door. You would then probably find that it won't work which will confirm that it's a wiring issue with the mirror.
  6. unofix


    We have a new winner for the oldest post revived this year 🎉🎉 So far this year we've had a 10 year dead post and now a 12 year old post and it's not even the end of January 🤣
  7. Tizer never said that. He correctly said that it is not an automatic handbrake. You have to apply it by using the small lever. Under certain circumstances the handbrake may apply itself but this is only when certain conditions occur. The question I have is why is this question here in the Auto Hold thread which has nothing to do with the handbrake?
  8. Hello Jacob, what country are you in ?
  9. Put the battery on charge overnight. Front heated screen requires battery SOC to be at least 70%. Also the outside temperature needs to be 7C or less.
  10. To be honest I never normally mention fuses and I cringe every time someone has a problem and they always try and blame a fuse. I did however think in this case it could be the fuse is loose and making intermittent contact.
  11. Most common problem for your model/year is water getting in to the GEM which is part of the fusebox in the passenger compartment.
  12. I have a Focus MK4 2.0 diesel automatic. When it is cold and just at idle (about 680RPM) there is a slight vibration. As soon as the RPM goes above 720 the vibration is gone and the car is very quiet.
  13. Check fuses 23 and 25 in the engine bay fusebox (both are 15 Amp) one is for the left side the other for the right side. If you are unsure if the fuse is OK then just swap them over and see if the problem with the light swaps side.
  14. Many of those DTC's will be old, unfortunately there are no dates or times stored so some could be years old. You need to use FORScan and clear all the DTC's and then take the car for a drive and recheck to see what comes back as active codes. The most likely problem is: ===PCM DTC P1262:00-AE=== Code: P1262 - Cylinder 2 High To Low Side Short Status: - DTC Present at Time of Request - Malfunction Indicator Lamp is On for this DTC Module: Powertrain Control Module
  15. I thought that the 2014 Fiesta was only fitted with one working rear fog light on the drivers side. The other on the passenger side is just a dummy unit with a reflector. Can you post a photo ?
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