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  1. Have you checked the GEM for water ingress and corrosion of the connector pins and the tracks of the circuit board ?
  2. That's better than the jokes @Rondy tells 🤣
  3. Who knew that there were so many people driving an Automatic incorrectly 🤔 I'll leave it up to the individuals to decide what the correct method is 🤣
  4. Use Energizer or Panasonic and they should last around 3 years or more. There seems to be a number of people having issues when using Duracell batteries, some only lasting a few months.
  5. When the turbo failed the first time due to oil starvation, your 1.0 Ecoboost engine was at that point already seriously damaged and was effectively scrap. Once the cambelt starts to disintegrate then the little bits go right through the engine blocking up oil ways and causing oil starvation to many critical parts. As to why the second turbo failed so soon, it is most probably due to a tiny little oil filter deep inside the engine which supplies the oil feed to the turbo being blocked. The fact of the matter is you now require a new engine and you will be extremely unlikely to get anyone to make any kind of financial contribution for the replacement. A brand new Ford 1.0 Ecoboost engine can be bought from Puma Speed for around £1999. They also offer a supply and fit of a new engine for about £2999 but of course you will also require another new turbo.
  6. Did you disconnect the battery shortly after switching off the ignition ? I'd disconnect the new battery, wait 30 minutes and reconnect it. This will reset the modules in the car and possibly clear the problem.
  7. Having covered only 6000 miles since last July I'm not in the least surprised that the oil required changing sooner than at the expected service date. Short journeys and frequent cold starts shortens the life of the oil considerably. Do you leave the AC turned on all of the time as it is intended to be used, or do you often turn it off ? With the greatest respect to the guy who fixes Farm Trucks, he's probably not able to listen to the gearbox on your car and come up with an absolute diagnoses of what the clicking noise is. Trying to change the mileage on any modern car these days is extremely difficult. Sure the mileage on the instrument cluster can be amended, but as soon as diagnostic equipment is connected to the OBDII port you would see the true mileage in the very many different modules that also record the vehicle mileage, and these are very difficult to change.
  8. I can confirm that if a working keyfob is left inside the car then you can not lock the doors using the keyless handles or using the buttons on the keyfob. So the conclusion would seem to be that the OP has a working keyfob somewhere inside the car. All he has to do now is find it 👍
  9. The state of charge of the battery is low. Charge the battery for at least 12 hours with a Smart Charger.
  10. I never even knew that a 2004 Escort had an arm rest 🤔
  11. Your car is approximately 14 years old and has covered 128,000 miles. If it is still on the original factory fitted clutch then I'd think it's probably time for a new one.
  12. Just had another thought which I can test in the morning on my car. If I leave a working keyfob inside my car, is it possible to lock the doors with my other keyfob. I'm guessing the car won't allow me to lock a working keyfob inside.
  13. Full Ford wiring schematics for FIESTA. Download from my Google drive. Fiesta 2012 Mk7: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mx9V35csu2w81lReFOrbMaa9_5rllDt1/view?usp=sharing Fiesta 2021 Mk8: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xLD83iKBN-r_quzJck5N3P9wk3e6EFR7/view?usp=sharing
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