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  1. Hi Stephen, thats interesting. I'm not aware that the pipe is single use only as it uses a conical seal like many hydraulic systems. So long as the face of the cone is clean and not marked it would seal when tight. If MasterTech reads this thread maybe he can confirm if it is re-useable.
  2. Normally I like to go easy on newcomers, but friend is right too late.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ECOSPORT-2018-Fuel-line-CM5G9J323GC-1-0-Petrol-103kw-10657211-/223894477857 well that took 30 seconds to find - its a funny thing the internet - you just type stuff in google and .... Pow there it is !!
  4. It is a "J Case" type. There are 2 diffrent lengths, I think yours will be the short one. Halfords sell them.
  5. I see from the photo of your fusebox that fuse 25 is missing
  6. So it looks like it should be fuse 25 (its an odd - ball fuse type).
  7. Well thats a turn up for the books !! My Focus estate doesn't have a rear fusebox (now I'm going to have to check). Looks like there are not too many fuses so I guess the best thing to do is test them all. Start with the 20 Amp and work your way down
  8. Hi Dave, you have a fusebox in the back of your Focus Estate ? The rear power socket should be fuse number 39 (20 Amp) in the front passenger footwell
  9. Hi Robert, the door lock is a sealed unit, and the microswitch inside of that is also a sealed item so I doubt if WD40, or switch contact cleaner would be able to get in.
  10. Yes everyone should be Microchipped, and new born babies should not be allowed out of hospital to go home until they have been 'chipped'. Then never again would we need to be bothered with driving licences, passports, national insurance numbers, national health numbers. The goverment would be able to track everyone 24/7 without the need to introduce national identity cards and dare I say it 'Covid Passports'. Welcome to 1984 -- late but we got there in the end !!
  11. Hi Rob, lots of people on here with the same problem. The little microswitch is located deep inside the actual door lock. It can be replaced but, once you open up the lock it can explode with springs and bits popping out. You can often pick up secondhand locks on eBay or from scrap yards for about £20
  12. Hello Marcus, welcome to the Ford Owners Club The problem maybe with the BCM (Body Control Module) / fusebox in the passenger footwell. There is a known problem with water getting in to the connectors of the BCM and causing corrosion.
  13. Hello Rod, the good news is if the "Engine ...." warning has been on then there is a very good chance that a DTC has been logged. Use a laptop with an ELM327 lead and the Forscan software to read the DTC and it should give you a very good idea of the problem. Lead:- https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/USB_Modified_with_switch_ELM327/p4541936_17045457.aspx Software:- https://forscan.org/download.html
  14. New lights is the answer, but is it worth spending the money ?
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