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  1. I can only assume after waiting 7 years for an answer the OP has sadly drowned 😟
  2. Hello Joseph, you need to use a Laptop with FORScan software, connected with a modified ELM327 lead and read the DTC from your vehicle. The software can be downloaded free from: https://forscan.org/download.html and the ELM327 lead from here: https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/USB_Modified_with_switch_ELM327/p4541936_17045457.aspx
  3. Start with the most common problem first. The SOC of your car battery is very probably low. The car starts to disable things as the battery voltage falls, as I've said many times before it's "not a fault" it's a "feature". Mostly people don't like this feature but in the name of saving the dolphins it's something we have to live with. Get yourself a Smart Battery Charger and fully charge the car battery for at least 12 hours. Leave the battery connected on the car and connect the positive lead of the charger to the positive battery terminal. Connect the negative lead of the charger to the vehicle main chassis/body earth point (next to the battery), do NOT connect the negative lead to the battery negative. Charge for 12 hours and after and ignition cycle your keys should start working.
  4. fair to say it's not normal and therefore not correct. Was this a Halfords install ?
  5. Hello Mark, I'm not sure why you think P204F is a problem with adblue? https://www.dtcdecode.com/Ford/P204F
  6. Hello Shakir, only 3 possible answers that I can think of: (a) your new battery is rubbish or fitted wrong. Test it with a volt meter and it should be about 3.3V (b) the key needs programmed in to the car and you need to do the sequence correctly to make that work. (c) the key is broken and you need to buy a new one.
  7. It sounds possible, I assume he is referring to the crankshaft position. Let us all know what the out come is. Pleased to know you now have a different mechanic.
  8. Hello Spencer, I would be very surprised if there is a fault with your heated front screen. Simply charge the battery for 12 hours, wait for the temperature to fall to less than 7C, start engine and switch on the screen 😀 Get yourself a decent multimeter and measure the voltage at the battery terminals 30 minutes after parking. Then you will be able to get the correct state of charge reading.
  9. Hi Ian, yes I can see the other set of lights, but what I can't see is the solid white stop line on the road that the car has presumably stopped behind. On a technicality if the car was just starting to move forward in anticipation of the lights changing to green then no offense regarding the traffic lights has been committed. However, and it is a big however if the front of the car crosses the stop line (and it just has to be the bodywork, not the wheels) then there has been a traffic offense committed by the car driver because they crossed the line before the green light. In the eyes of the law it does not matter whether the car was 6 inches or 6 feet over the line it is still a traffic offense. All that said, I think we can all agree that the motorcyclist is an idiot, and was lucky not to have been involved in a serious accident. The speed at which he must have approached the traffic lights gives a clear insight to the fact they could not have stopped if the lights had taken even just a couple more seconds to change, and therefore it would be reasonable to assume they would have ran the red light regardless.
  10. Hi @Chainsawcharlie, the trackers I use are very easy and quick to fit. You can install them basic, or professional depending on what you feel your needs are. I buy from a company called Rewire GPS Live, you can buy direct from them or you can buy via Amazon. Often there are deals on amazon making it cheaper to buy from them. Approximate cost is £50 for the "Rewire Security DB1-Lite v2.0" This unit has an auxiliary output that can be used to control a relay. If you want to be able to kill your vehicle in the event it has been stolen then you simply send a command to the tracker to activate the relay. Depending what you have connected that to it can be used to kill the feed to the ECU or fuel pump or anything else you fancy (some have thought a harpoon gun under the drivers seat would be the thing to have 😂). You do have to pay a monthly service fee for the use of the tracking site which I think may have just increased to £6 per month. I normally just pay yearly hence I'm not sure of the current cost. You can set up alerts for text/e-mail etc. which gives a bit of extra peace of mind.
  11. It would be fair to say that there is an argument to be had that both had a degree of shall we say 'bad judgment' The car driver clearly starts to move forward and possibly crosses the stop line (can't tell from the video) BEFORE the lights change to green. Even with a green light the situation is that you may only move if the way is 'clear' and it is 'safe to do so'. It could be said that the car jumped the lights and had not fully checked that it was safe to move. The motorcyclist (and I'm reluctant to call them that) is clearly in the wrong position on the road. Passing a vehicle on the offside to then immediately cut in front and turn left across its path is extremely dangerous and stupid not to mention illegal. Again the motorcyclist may have also jumped the lights but might just have crossed the stop line at the moment the lights turned green. I'm by know means an expert in these matters so this in only my opinion. If I was making a judgement on this case in the event of an accident I would rule that the car driver was at fault 20% for the above reasons, and likewise the motorcycle rider was at fault 80%. There will now follow a few hundred other views and opinions on the situation 🤣
  12. Hello @Chainsawcharlie I see no reason why this wouldn't work on your Fiesta Mk8. It's no different to using a 4-way extension in the house, all it's doing is lengthening the cable from the OBDII port. If you are going to be doing that then I would suggest getting an old wiring harness from a scrapyard and cutting off the OBDII port leaving a good length of cable attached that you can then fit back in to the original location. just tuck up the end of the dummy cable out of sight and maybe cable tie to the vehicle to make it seem like it goes somewhere. I'm not actually a big fan of this OBDII port relocation but everyone has their own ideas on whats best for them. I have fitted trackers to all our family vehicles and they have the ability to disable the vehicle remotely if we send it a command. Each tracker was about £50 and of course it costs £5 per month for the tracking service.
  13. Motorcraft of course don't make oil. So long as the oil you use meets the correct specification for your Ford Focus engine in your country then you can use whatever brand you like. In the UK Ford recommend the use of Castrol Oil and BP fuel, but I'm sure that will vary depending in which country the car is being sold.
  14. Hi Teo and welcome to the Ford Owners Club 👍
  15. That's a good start. Just hope the ELM327 lead from eBay is the real deal and not a Chinese clone. Mostly people on the forum buy the leads from TunnelRat Electronics £18.95 which might be a little more than eBay but at least we know they fully work with FORScan. https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/USB_Modified_with_switch_ELM327/p4541936_17045457.aspx
  16. That's what it's supposed to do. I don't understand your problem. 🤔
  17. If it's a problem with the battery not holding the charge overnight then I would be very surprised if it was a problem with the alternator. It's far more likely you either have a battery that is near the end of it's life, or that you have the dreaded parasitic current draw. Have you checked the SOC of your battery 30 minutes after parking up ? Do you have lots of short journeys ? It can take about 7 miles to put back the amount it takes to start the car. Your car has a smart charge system and it's not as "smart" as it would like to think it is. Before even thinking of going down the route of alternator replacement I would be doing some tests and even use FORScan to change the SOC from the default of 80% and increase it to at least 90% or even 95%.
  18. Is that a nice way of them telling you that there's more of your car broken than actually works ? 🤔
  19. Each front door has a "door control module" inside the door itself. Normally using FORScan any problem with these would show up a DTC. Also the doors are to a large part independent of each other so I would think it unlikely that the DDM and PDM would be at fault. I suspect the problem lies with the BCM. I think you will have to fully remove the fusebox and BCM from behind the glovebox and then take the plastic cover off the back to check for problems.
  20. I did wounder about it having a battery that could power it. The 4 different makes I've used over the years have had a small built in battery that only lasted about 3 minutes after the ignition went off. I think the purpose was to ensure a controlled switch off of the dashcam.
  21. Hello @DenKen and welcome to the Ford Owners Club. Please repost your question in the MONDEO forum and I'm sure you will get some help. The FOC admin will delete this thread and any replies form Introductions.
  22. hello @Alex2x please repost this question in the MONDEO forum. The FOC admin will delete this thread and any replies from General Ford Discussions
  23. Hi Stephen, does that mean that this type of dashcam has two supplies, one a constant 12V and the second switched via the ignition ? Over the years I have fitted probably more than 50 dashcams of at least 4 different makes but they have all only had one supply. If the parking mode was intended to be used then the camera had to remain 'live' albeit the display could be turned off, and they would kind of enter a sleep mode. Never has anyone wanted the camera installed that way and so have only ever connected them via an ignition controlled circuit.
  24. There are no fuses for the dipped beam. Fed directly from the BCM. Check for water ingress in the connectors on the BCM
  25. You just don't know how true that is. I actually was at SpecSavers today to collect my new reading glasses 👓
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