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  1. Doesn't quite have the same appeal for a chocolate bar like your neighbors Yorkie 🤣
  2. I wonder if the car has always had that head unit ? Back in 2009 the maps were mostly on DVD and it wasn't until 2011 onwards that they started using SD cards for all the systems. Assuming the car was built with satnav then the usual failure is the aerial amplifier and isolator unit which is located in the tailgate. I think it is near the top edge of the tailgate near the rear screen.
  3. The easiest way is when you connect it will say "found profile Wxxxx 1231 123" do you want to use this? Just answer 'no' and it will do a full rescan and create a new profile. You can add something like the date to the file name just to make it easy to identify
  4. Or you can use the 'Old Wife's' cleaning method of crumpled up newspaper and a good soaking of vinegar. It cleans the glass and stops the wipers juddering and makes the car smell like a chip shop 🤣
  5. If it was a key not valid or key not detected the immobiliser light would be flashing like crazy and then it would flash a code like dot dot dash dash which you can look up in a table and it tells you what its not happy about.
  6. I think you may very well find that is the cause of the SEC_ACCES denied. Put the old pump back if it works, remember to bleed all the air out the system again !!
  7. The immobiliser never inhibits the crank, it very kindly just lets you run the battery flat just trying to start 🤣
  8. what happens if you put the old SD card back in ? Was the SatNav working before you changed the SD card ?
  9. Disconnect the car battery and then investigate the GEM. On a 2003 it could very well be suffering from water ingress and corrosion of the board. Disconnect all plugs from the GEM and remove it for a good inspection. If FORScan can't communicate with the GEM then it's likely that other modules can't, especially the instrument cluster which is part of the immobiliser PATS system
  10. Have you replaced the fuel pump ? If I remember correctly on diesel models the fuel pump was coded in to the PATS system. What I can't remember is what years that applied to.
  11. Pull the plastic engine cover off (just pulls straight up) and you'll get a better look. Most probably just oil vapor from a breather.
  12. Never come across a Ford BBB 🤔
  13. The windscreen would be my guess. You need to experiment with the garden hosepipe. I hope the water can't find it's way to the BCM or that will spell big trouble.
  14. Yes, I'd go down the route of the Ford kits or these bespoke kits, that Ian has put the link for. 👍
  15. Petrol, Diesel, or Pixie Dust ? How many miles has it done and when was it's last full service ? Use a laptop and download FORScan and read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's). Not equipment that is normally fitted to UK vehicles.
  16. You will need the Ford tow bar wiring kit that plugs in to the Ford trailer module. The whole system is controlled by Canbus.. It monitors each lighting circuit on the caravan/trailer connected. It will also control the auxiliary supply to the caravan battery and/or fridge while the caravan is connected. There will be a towing repeater indicator light on the instrument cluster that will become active when towing to confirm the correct operation of the indicators. The towing module will also disable the rear fog light on the vehicle to avoid reflective glare and it will enable the rear fog light on the caravan. The reverse parking sensors (assuming they are fitted) will be inhibited while the caravan is connected. There is much more to fitting a tow bar to a modern vehicle than there was even just 10 years ago. The general purpose kits sold on eBay are fine for older vehicles (before 2010) and for towing small trailers with basic lights. I seriously would not recommend fitting anything other than a Ford, or a bespoke kit to your Galaxy if you are intending to use it for a caravan.
  17. You have missed the point. The OP wanted to replace the single front passenger seat with a double front seat. They are not wanting to add extra rows of seats.
  18. What ? are they available from the Ann Summers catalogue 🤣
  19. Some are OK and some are utter rubbish. You get what you pay for.
  20. Was the outside temperature 7oC or below ? Is the car battery State Of Charge 70% or greater ? Was the engine running when you tested the supply to the fuse ?
  21. Never known that, where are people saying they unplug the active shutter ? Have you used FORScan to read the DTC's on your car and find out why your active shutter is not working ?
  22. Yes sadly it is the case that there are a huge number of what we refer to as 'One Post Wonders' (OPW) who just waste the time of those of us who do reply. They post a question and then never even bother to return to read the replies. There is also the 'Sneaky Peeker' (SP) those who post a question and then sneakily check back to read the replies and make no comment or even click the thank you icon. You're very welcome to stay and add you thoughts and comments to any of the posts. The more active members the better 👍 We even have some active members driving electric milk floats we're not a fussy lot 🤣
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