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  1. Why bother with a 9 year old dead post ?
  2. Is that your registration or the registration of the donor vehicle ?
  3. Maybe @TomsFocus will be able to answer your next question "why hasn't it got one ?"
  4. Yup !! That will fix it 🤣 Note for our American readers. He's not really going to shoot them 😉
  5. Just checking what you are asking. You want to know if you can fit a door from a 2009 Focus Mk2.5 to a 2011 Focus Mk3 is that correct ?
  6. Have a look at this site: https://catalogs.ssg.asia/ford/?lang=en#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
  7. Do you have a multimeter and know how to use it ? Is there voltage at the Fan motor terminals when it should be running ?
  8. With out hearing the noise it's a bit difficult, but CV joints could be a possibility. How many miles has the car done ?
  9. That's very concerning especially on a 2013 Ecoboost. The Turbo failure is possibly caused by oil starvation as the little oil filter gauze gets clogged up with bits of the wet belts as they begin to disintegrate.
  10. Are you thinking that you've booked your car in to a garage with a stupid mechanic ? 🤔 Perhaps it might be wise and wait until the problem has been investigated before trying to second guess.
  11. Isetta will know a bodge for it 🤣
  12. You need the vLinker FD dongle for Android phones to use FORScan Lite, OR you need vLinker FD+ for iPhones. I understand that the FD+ will also work with an android phone but data transfer is not as fast as the standard FD. Be sure to order only the Bluetooth version and not the Wifi.
  13. are you mad ??? 🤣 You should never get up until the streets have been well aired 👍
  14. Yes I know it is, I can see the little black button on the handle. It was a tongue in cheek answer because of another thread that was running at the same time where many people were stating how dangerous keyless entry is because that's how all cars are stolen, allegedly.
  15. On many Ford models the heated front screen will only operate if the outside ambient temp is 7oC or below. This might be the case for a 2006 Fiesta, it most definitely was the case for my 2001 Galaxy.
  16. 2006 Fiesta is a Mk6 in the UK. - It could even possibly be a Mk6.5 or otherwise known as a Mk6 facelift. How do you know it's not working ? You could always use an infrared temperature sensor. For example:
  17. I only hope and pray that those who write and control the software for launching nuclear weapons are a tad more professional than the shower at Ford 🙄
  18. Think I know a man that can help. @StephenFord might have a spare 'tuit' possibly even a round one. 😉
  19. You missed a couple ! Speed rating is just a Letter and the sound level in dB I'm always careful when ordering new tyres and get 'round' ones usually in black with a trendy pattern 🤣
  20. You need to message @tonyvee he got 'Awesome results' with a K&N filter. The more power you can screw out of your engine now the bigger the boom will be when the belt goes. 😉
  21. You need some input from @TomsFocus he is the guy who that knows about the Focus Mk2 diesel engine.
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