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  1. or have been shot by disgruntled Ecoboom owners 🤣
  2. If using a different tyre gave you an extra 15 MPG, then I would expect we'd all be driving around an bicycle tyres 🤣
  3. The actual metal work of the front doors are all the same. The specification of the front doors changes with the trim levels.
  4. I normally buy wheel nuts from Autodoc UK. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/
  5. It doesn't fit on the steering wheel. It mounts on the side of the steering column.
  6. The 'Battery Monitor System' (BMS) monitors all current been drawn from the battery and all charge current flowing in to the battery. It knows the state of charge of the battery when it was parked and can easily calculate how much of the capacity has been used and what the present SOC is. This is why on vehicles equipped with BMS that when charging the car battery you must charge it while the battery is still connected to the car. Also the battery charger positive lead has to be connected to the battery post, but the negative charging lead needs to be connected to the chassis earth point (NOT the battery). This then allows the BMS which is fitted to the negative battery post to monitor the charge and update the known value of the SOC.
  7. ...but not quite as often as the "my Stop / Start system doesn't work, and I've reset the BMS 6 times this week" 🤣
  8. I assume that you have replaced this at least two or three time before ? 🤔
  9. OR they are just total idiots with little intelligence !
  10. Your Ford trailer module software is either not configured or is has been incorrectly configured. The BCM needs to know that the vehicle now has a towbar and that a trailer module is connected.
  11. These things: https://shop.ford.co.uk/products/ford-fiesta-n-s-side-skirt-end-cap
  12. .... and that advice is still true for the Model T
  13. F12 maps are now available for download and install from Ford.
  14. If only you had keyless entry it would have saved a lot of damage 😉
  15. Sounds like to intro to 'Mission Impossible' should you choose this assignment The car will self destruct in 10 years !!! 🤣
  16. When was the system last re-gassed ? the compressor won't run if the gas pressure is low.
  17. If you have a warranty on your 2019 Galaxy then take it back and let the garage sort it out. Forget about stop/start it is a seriously flawed and pointless system that works very rarely.
  18. I'm using a 6 year old Dell (replaced my Sony) which runs windows 7 with 'Classic Shell' installed which makes in almost identical to XP. I'll keep using it as long as it is possible. About 5 years ago I bought a brand new windows 10 tablet, after 6 months i hated it so much I gave it away for free.
  19. I bought Apple air tags as a present for my daughter. At first I think she didn't see much point to them but after a few months of using them, she now in going to buy more !! Of course the big down side is they only work if you have an iPhone.
  20. I wish you luck 👍 Let me know how you get on. I have a Sony Vaio with XP that I much prefer to the Dell that I'm using now but sadly virtually nothing works on XP anymore so have had to retire the Sony. The big problem I expect you will find is the lack of drivers for the Sony to allow it to run windows 10 or 11.
  21. Indicators are controlled by the Body Control Module, there are no relays or flasher units just a computer 😉
  22. Do you have a dashcam ?
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