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  1. On 5/7/2022 at 8:21 PM, RayC333 said:

    I had a similar (maybe the same) problem on my daughters 2012 1.0 Ecoboost. In addition to the strainers in the oil pump and pressure control valve there is another one in the oil feed passage to the Turbo.

    To correctly remove this filter it's necessary to remove the timing belt cover, unscrew a plug in the engine block, pull out the offending filter and replace it.

    It can be seen externally (partial view only through the hole) if the turbo oil feed pipe to the block is removed. 

    In our case the filter was blocked completely with a hard black substance that wouldn't shift with brake cleaner. 

    The designer no doubt thought it would never get blocked.


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  2. 4 minutes ago, Ryso said:

    Took the inlet pipe off to inspect the turbine and it has loads of play in it. New/recon turbo required

    That's very concerning especially on a 2013 Ecoboost. The Turbo failure is possibly caused by oil starvation as the little oil filter gauze gets clogged up with bits of the wet belts as they begin to disintegrate.

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  3. 43 minutes ago, blundena said:

    I need the as build for a car I took a sync 2 from anybody able to get me the vin from the reg so I can finish installing my sync 2? Thanks 

    Whats the Reg ?

  4. 1 minute ago, Jinxy1981 said:

    It is key less

    Yes I know it is, I can see the little black button on the handle. It was a tongue in cheek answer because of another thread that was running at the same time where many people were stating how dangerous keyless entry is because that's how all cars are stolen, allegedly.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Paulkp said:

    Tyres are a wonderful mix of units....

    You missed a couple !

    Speed rating is just a Letter

    and the sound level in dB

    I'm always careful when ordering new tyres and get 'round' ones usually in black with a trendy pattern 🤣

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  6. 16 minutes ago, tomo2001 said:

    Profile would change the diameter wouldn't it, not the width?

    OP has tyres of width 235mm and is looking to change to tyres of width 215mm.

    Both have a side wall of 50, that is 50% of the width. So a 215mm tyre will have both a smaller width tread and a smaller height side wall.

    tyre size.JPG

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