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  1. Hi, the only thing I can say is the ForScan people are not big fans of bluetooth dongles, and therefore as far as I know you can not programme with ForScan whilst using a bluetooth device. Of course you can still read codes and clear them.
  2. Hi Ian, so you will be just the guy to give advice on this 😉. Back in the 80's and 90's I fitted quite a lot of Moss Alarms for friends and family, only ever had one that was faulty when I bought it. Moss insisted they send their own guy to check it out. He confirmed it faulty and replaced it, took him nearly two hours and I think he was a bit p***ed off
  3. Hi Tom, the sensor is built in to the door lock itself and you have to replace the whole unit. If you are up to it you can remove the door lock, open it up, take care things like to 'pop out' and you will find a small micro switch inside. You can get replacments from eBay/Amazon for a few pounds.
  4. Ok, so I have only been able to find the drawings for my last car which had both a factory fitted basic alarm and aloso an after market Moss alarm system. I built a special interface unit myself so that using the remote Alarm Keyfob of the Moss alarm system, it would lock the doors, turn on the Ford alarm, and turn on the Moss alarm. I don't think that you will have a factory fitted ford alarm and so things will be more simple. If the colours of your wires going to the drivers door lock are the same you will be able to work it out. From the Ford central locking control unit there are 3 wires going to the locking motor. The common wire is Red/Yellow. The close wire is Yellow/Brown. The Open wire is White/Brown. The alarm system that you are fitting needs to be able to pulse a relay (lock) for about 4 seconds when it is turned on. It also seeds to pulse a diffrent relay (open) when it is turned off. I will post the pictures and then you can ask questions.
  5. I'm sure your old turbo is only playing with you. Give a week or may be two and it will fail again
  6. I may be able to help you. Back in 1988 and 1990 and 1992 I fitted a Moss Car alarm system to each of my Ford Orion's (not all at the same time). I also connected the alarm system up to the central locking system so that when you pressed the alarm keyfob it would automatically lock the doors and turn the alarm system on. The Moss Alarm system could not do the door locks directly and you had to buy a seperate door locking interface also sold by Moss Alarms. I have somewhere the drawings and connections for the 3 cars that i fitted the Alarm and door locking system to. Give me a day or so and I will see if I can find them. The door locks have to be pulsed +12V for about 4 seconds to both lock and to unlock if I remember correctly.
  7. I think the OP is saying he only has the basic key without the remote options. I'm not sure if it should be a remote key he needs or a remote fob, either way they can be got on Amazon for example: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MFHD9GZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_MH3WZY64J0ZAQRZ9JW4R?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&pldnSite=1 They will still as Luke says need to be programmed
  8. You would be much better to use 3in1 spray on oil. The wounderful WD40 is good at freeing things and as a water repellant but offers no lubrication so once it dries out you can be back to square one. Unless the lock is totally broke it should recover after 24 hours with a bit of lubrication.
  9. Totally agree, I have never turned mine off and only once did I need a regas which was on a 4 year old Transit Connect which brings me to my next point. I once took a Transit Connect (which I had owned from new) to Kwik Fit and got the story that the A/C system had a leak and they couldn't regas it, but would I like to book it in to be looked at and given an estimate. I declined the offer and went to Halfords and bought a regas bottle for £40 (you get £10 back when you return the empty) and did the refill myself. Two years later the A/C was still working fine when I sold the van.
  10. A very interesting project. keep up the fight with the camera, you're right LVDS and composire video are not compatible, looks like you will need a different camera.
  11. I think that is a good idea, it should work well.
  12. Problem is that the wiper fuse (Number 83) is not in the passenger compartment and it is difficult for the OP to get a wire through the bulk head
  13. It does sound like a brake calliper problem. I would replace both sides and while I was at it I'd put new discs on. Don't wait too long or your new pads will get damaged and you will have to replace them again.
  14. Sounds possibly like a problem with the BCM (body control module). Check all the connection plugs and sockets for signs of water or corrosion.
  15. Try heating the plastic pipe up with a hairdryer or a heatgun (low setting) and see if you can soften it up a little.
  16. What about fuse location 27 for the moonroof ? It should not be a problem if you don't have a moonroof as the supply contact to one side of the fuse should still be there.
  17. Well done 👍 and good to know that its fuse 22 for future referance
  18. Hi Mark, the free version of ForScan does not work with Bluetooth, you need the paid version for that. Also the bluetooth version only allows you to read codes and not programme data. Forscan don't think it is safe to programme with bluetooth devices encase communication is lost at a criitical moment. You can get a lead from the likes of eBay or Amazon or direct from a company called Tunnelrat. This is an example of what you need: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304009451089?hash=item46c8601651:g:azUAAOSwfNdgrNkC
  19. Is it now possible that you would be able to activate the automatic drive away locking using ForScan ?
  20. Hi John, I was meaning F33 in the passenger compartment. I've fitted well over 50 something dashcams and not had a problem (so far). Fuse F33 (radio fuse) should go dead about 2 minuets after the car is locked. In fact most of the fueses you have listed should switch off between 2 minuets and worst case for some 20 minuets after the car is locked. I'm not sure what the problem could be other than your BCM is not entering sleep mode after the ignition has been switched off, but then that would lead to quite a heavy battery drain which I'm sure you would notice. On your S-Max does the cigar socket stay powered after the ignition is switched off ?
  21. Depends if you have an early 2018 model or a late 2018, the fuse box changed. Try fuse number 33 which should be 20 Amp
  22. Hi James, everything seems to point to fuse 30, watch this YouTube video. I'm thinking that your car may have been built with out the socket and its been added later
  23. You can not remove the fues for the alarm system, it is part of the vehicles PATs security system and if you disable the alarm then the car will not start.
  24. Those type of fuses have the pins on the inside of them (thats normal for them). If there are no signs of pins in the fuse box socket then it will be a different fuse location for your socket. I will see if I can find an update for your model as your fuse box is not quite as per the photo I posted.
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