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  1. Do you know for sure that the colour is called "Cherry Red" ? Or could it be Ruby Red Metallic ? Either way the Ford paint code is on the VIN plate on the door B pillar.
  2. It doesn't count the 'Sad' face reactions. Which, if it's been used in a disapproving manner makes sense. However if the sad face is been used in a sympathetic/supportive way then it would be more fair to count it. What we need is more emojis to express our feelings 👍 On second thoughts 🖕 might not be so good 🤣
  3. You could of course just turn the fuse tap around and have it facing the other way. Yes it will mean that the dashcam will be drawing it's current through its own fuse (normally 3A) and also the existing 10A but given that the nextbase 522Gw uses just over one Amp in normal use that won't create any problems. Or you could do as Alex (and myself) have done and use fuse 3 which is live only with the ignition on.
  4. Are all of the DTC's refusing to clear ? Is everything exactly the same as before or are there differences ?
  5. 🤣🤣🤣 The good news as far as the OP is concerned the Yellow lines don't legally exist and are therefore unenforceable. Something that both Durham and Sunderland councils found much to their cost about 15 years ago when they had to refund hundreds of fixed penalty notices after the courts ruled that if the lines are incomplete because of incorrect marking then as far as the law is concerned the lines are not there. A habit that many council road marking crews get in to is using the machine to do the long lines but don't always bother to go back and put the cross bar at the end which is legally required. You'll see the section the OP is on does not have the cross bar at the end, but if you look very carefully you can just about make out on the next section of lines the cross bar appears to be there.
  6. The General Chat forum is ONLY for threads which DO NOT fit any other category. If your thread is anything do to with a specific model, it should go in the relevant model club section
  7. The pads are very nearly at the end of life, but from what I can see the discs look to be fine.
  8. Ford dealers charge between £1400 and as much as £1800 to replace the wet cambelt and a few other bits. IF you can find an independent garage who will do the job and has the special equipment needed they tend to be a little cheaper at around £1200 It takes between 8 and 10 hours labour (can be as much as 12 if things go wrong) which is why it costs so much.
  9. The ticking is a bit like the clock on a time bomb. The wet cambelt is at least 18 months overdue. They have to be replaced at a maximum age of 10 years irrespective of the mileage.
  10. Did the ticking start before or after you had the wet cambelt replaced ?
  11. As Tom has said you have a fault. Service NOW !! is just Ford's way of saying Engine BROKEN !!
  12. There is a full bulb specification chart in the owners handbook. See page 174 onwards. https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/catalog/owner_guides/ENUSA_CG3582_FCN_og_201402.pdf
  13. Try reversing the car at a moderate speed and pumping the brake pedal a few times, its a good way of clearing any trapped stones from the brake discs.
  14. Fuse has blown for the yellow wire. The voltage should be the same as the red wire. The 2.3V is just a ghost voltage, no power actually there, it's just the very high impedance of a digital meter means it 'senses' some voltage that is being induced in to the wire as it runs through the harness with other wires that are carrying power. Check fuse F17 and F18 in the engine bay fusebox.
  15. There are no "sheets" but most changes can done in the section of FORScan that uses words. Or you can ask on the forum if there is something that you are trying to change.
  16. Sounds like it could be a waffle sprocket. Hard to tell without a photo.
  17. and the production of batteries will be a problem for vintage electric vehicles in the future. Since there seems to be little standardisation on batteries, each is bespoke to the model. Over the next 50 years batteries will change both size and technology making a replacement battery pack for a classic vehicle extremely difficult to obtain.
  18. Would a guy in his forties want to gather round a Nissan Leaf in 60 years time and say to those around "my Grandad used to have one of those" ????? The shame of it 🤣
  19. 47.5Nm (35 lb-ft) to the chassis, 80Nm (59 lb-ft) to the engine.
  20. That's a better way to test the active braking !! Far less dangerous than tailgating an HGV. Only minimum risk of damage to the bodywork, the car that is, not the pedestrian 🤣
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