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  1. Wing Replacement - How To

    Open which ever front door is on the side of the wing your going to change. You should see about 3 or 4 10mm bolt heads for the wing. Remove these. no bolts on the wing looking from where door opens!
  2. Wing Replacement - How To

    and thats defo on the mk3 model??? sounds easy enuff....cheers.
  3. Wing Replacement - How To

    any help would be greatly recieved.
  4. hi, i have a y reg 2001 mk3 mondeo 1.8lx, the passenger wing has a couple of small dents and i have the chance of picking up the same colour wing for 15quid, so the question is, how do i change the wing on my car, do i need to drop the bumper ect, haynes dont help with panel replacement. thank you in advance.
  5. Mk1 Focus Side Mirror Covers.

    thank u will give it a go wen rain stops.....gotta love sunny manchester!!!!!!!
  6. Mk1 Focus Side Mirror Covers.

    so i just pop a flat screwie in where back cover meets actual mirror, and gently pry away?
  7. hi, side mirrors need a bit of tlc, so my plan was/is to remove the covers on the mirrors for a paint job, anyone know how to get the covers off the mirrors??? thank you in advance.
  8. will the new radios that are fiited in to fords nowadays(see pic) drop straight into a 99 focus dash????
  9. well ye, has to be one or the other lol. think its just different wiring, just tried the 1.8 clocks in ma mates focus 1.8 and they are fine. so the hunt goes on for a set of 1.6 clocks.
  10. ye indictors, lights everything else is ok .
  11. 1St Gear Issue

    sounds like worn cogs , prolly gearbox gone/going.
  12. bought a set of 1.8 focus clocks from fleabay, now they are identical to my 1.6 focus, but wen plugged in , some lights stay on! engine management/abs/petrol, wen i change back to my original 1.6 clocks, all is fine again with no lights displayed, are the pins set up differently on the rear of the 1.8 clocks?????
  13. Speedo Clocks

    thanks guys, will buy ANOTHER set closer to the mark i think.
  14. Speedo Clocks

    hi, my sppedo clocks stopped working(well the rev counter did) so i bought some second hand ones from flea-bay,my ? is how can i get the correct milage back on my clocks,was told it would just come on as the info is in ecu, obviously not!