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  1. Hi guys Im due a new company car, and having been generally very happy with my current Fiesta Titanium TDCi am thinking of getting another one - only this time it will be from the 'New Fiesta' range. I have been looking at various sources but tonight came across the Ford UK Brochure and on the 4th page there is a photo of the interior of the Titanium X. Im sure, although I might be mistaken, that the gear shift stick has a 6 speed knob on it. It doesnt come with a six speed manual does it ? Or does it in different countries ? Cheers Westy
  2. Drivers Side Speaker Rattelling!!

    I have had the same problem with mine in the passenger door. Kept reporting it each time it goes in for servicing. The thing is on mine, with music its not too bad - but with Radio 5 live on MW its really bad. They did something about it when I really kicked off, but the fault returned within a few weeks. I can really relate to peoples bad experiences though - one tech actually said to me its the stereo balance thats the problem - it took me 10 minutes to explain to him that MW is actually broadcast in mono and how that negated his diagnosis. Ford dealerships ......... I have yet to find one who really cares about the product. Cheers Westy
  3. Key Fob Battery - Mk7

    Thanks for the input guys. Sorted it - put in a new battery - no go !! Had to take it into Ford so called in a favour from a mate who knows .......... blah di blah ............. you get the picture. Its now sorted - no cost cept a battery. And the moral of the storey - keep a spare one in the car - and change it every 6 months anyway Cheers Westy
  4. Key Fob Battery - Mk7

    Hi all Just pulled up at the hotel and locked my Mk7 Titanium - 10 plate went on the road in April this year and now done just short of 16,000 miles. Went and booked in, got my room sorted then went back to the car to get my bag - button wont open the doors. Several tries, also tried pushing the lock button to see if its the button thats gone fault - nope - dead - so its a battery thats gone (I hope). Question: I havent removed the battery yet, but, with the battery being dead, will my fob need reprogramming when I put in a new battery ? Also, what type of battery do I need to get please ? Do you guys think they should last longer than 6 months ? Our other car is a Mini and that key fob battery is over 2 years old and still works fine. Cheers Westy
  5. Mk7 Annoyances - Ways Around Them

    Hi - mine has exactly the same fault - damn annoying ! Its going in for its first service in the next week or so and I intend to ask them to investigate/repair. Its a problem that has been raised on here before. Cheers Westy
  6. Hi all I too have this annoying buzz if I have the radio volume on anywhere near loud enough to hear at motorway speeds and my Titantium is only 3 months old. It wasnt there to start with, only came on after a few weeks. I am taking it in for its 12,000 service next week and so will be pointing it out then. I have to say though to the OP, I think that you seem to jump to conclusions rather quicker than I would consider normal. Perhaps, you react this way in person and so maybe the victim of your own attitude. Not that I have ever met you, but sometimes, a slightly more relaxed approach can unlock more doors than screaming at each and every occasion. You are right, and things should be good from new, but as pointed out earlier in the post, unfortunately you and I have a Fiesta, which as pointed out earlier, is built DOWN to a price. If you require audiophile quality Hi-Fi, then perhaps you should consider upgrading your speakers and housings - and then maybe also the head unit and amplifier. Personally - I know the cars limitations, and accept that it will never win a sound off competition. Please dont take this the wrong way - its meant as a little advice. Cheers Westy
  7. Voice Activation, Any One Bother With It?

    Hi Can anyone point me to a list of all the commands and functions that voice control is able to perform please ? Cheers Westy
  8. Nothing Works!

    If its only 12 months old why not run it into Ford for a warranty jobbi ? Westy
  9. Not Happy Grr..

    Maybe not stolen. I was parked up the other day for a couple of hours and the car was left with the sun beating down on the rear of it. As I walked back towards the car, I could see the first T missing from my Titanium badge, and the first I had slide down and was actually sat ontop of the rear bumper. When I touched the second T, it was like it was mounted with chocolate and just pushed down the tail gate. I took the car to the dealers and they replaced the whole badge as the adhesive had been affected by the heat - it was 30 degrees. HTH Westy
  10. Fitted Rear Diffuser Finally.. & Pics

    Thats perfect - thankyou. Cheers Westy
  11. Fitted Rear Diffuser Finally.. & Pics

    Hi That looks cool. Could you give us an estimate of total cost for your rear defuser project please ? Cheers Westy
  12. Hello all I have done a search and can find no definative answer to this question. I have just ordered a Titanium with the additional bluetooth/usb option.I was wondering if it is possible to plug 2 devices into the USB plug at the same time - Im thinking of possibly a iphone AND a USB memory stick at the same time ? Does anyone know if its possible, and if so, is there anything extra requird. Cheers Westy
  13. Order-->Delivery - How Long?

    Hi All After much deliberation, I placed my order for a company 1.6tdci Titanium 5 Door with the bluetooth/usb extra. I wonder how long mine will take to come .................... Cheers Westy