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  1. Im looking for offers on this ford Mustang if anyone's interested. It's a 2016 Mustang V6 3.7 litre in silver. Left hand drive import. 15000 miles (just under), petrol, I haven't listed this anywhere yet. It hasn't got a service history but here is some history of the car.. My dad bought the car in 2016, and had it up until 2019 when he unfortunately passed away. I inherited the car but don't use it often, pretty much take it twice a week a run up and down the motorway as it's not really practical for me. Running costs arnt actually too bad for the engine size and due to it being an import it fits into a generalised category of tax which is approximately £270 per annum. An example of my insurance fully comprehensive via Adrian flux is £440 per year. IT is partly a reluctant sale but Its to large of an item to be sentimental over so would be better in someone's hands who can enjoy it more. please email for photos austin7882@hotmail.com
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