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  1. Just made an account dedicated to the car. Does anyone have any instagram accounts with their car which I can follow? Or if anyone could give me a follow, @mk8_st_pe. Would highly appreciate it 😀
  2. Wanted opinions from people who have driven both so there’s no bias. Wanted to know who prefers either the MK7 or MK8 Fiesta ST on a driving basis in terms of power delivery, etc? Like the top end power of the MK7 or the low-down torque of the MK8?
  3. Haven’t heard any sounds, it’s just a small feeling when you’re driving. But no sounds whatsoever
  4. Oh right okay thankyou. So even though the engine mounts seem soft on the car, would it not be doing any damage on the engine? Because that’s what my main concern was about, I don’t want the engine to be damaged from it but if it’s normal then I’m guessing it wouldn’t damage the engine from being like that?
  5. Yeah I think I’ll have a look, it is quite noticeable even when driving normally. You’re probably right the torque in the ST is what probably moves the engine a lot more compared to the 1L. Is there a reason why they make the engine mounts softer than the 4 cylinders?
  6. Hi mate, I had the 1L before this and I didn’t feel anything in that car compared to this one. The 1L didn’t feel so loose in the bay.
  7. I picked up my MK8 ST Performance Edition the other day. The car is fantastic however I have one small concern. The engine feels so loose in the bay when you're driving it. You don't even have to drive it hard to notice it when you really look for it. The car hasn't even done 9,000 miles so I don't think the problem is the engine in itself. I've asked around and apparently the engine mounts in these cars are terrible. It's such an uncomfortable experience and a bit concerning. It's very noticeable when you're pulling away and changing into 2nd and then going into 3rd when you pick up speed, I
  8. Ginge, you’ll probably hear some critics about ecoboost engines. But if I’m honest, the 2013 models had an overheating issue but it wasn’t the engine itself, it was a faulty pipe which leaked the coolant. But as you said you’re looking at a 2017 model so you will be fine. I had a 2016 model on a 66 plate and was a brilliant car for me 👍🏼 Was sad to see it go.
  9. I'm sure the neighbours love that haha!
  10. Buy an ST? 😂 You'll have safer power for what the car can handle. I'm sorry to say but that's the price you pay for trying to push a car too hard. I had a bluefin on my ecoboost but I wouldn't modify my car again, I want reliability haha.
  11. If you want my honest opinion, I think rear spats look kind of silly. The side skirts would look better in my opinion. Each to their own but I'd never install rear spats on mine but a good splitter and side skirts could make the car look better 👍🏼
  12. not sure about the gearbox in that. But the diff is great for cornering so on a track or down a B road, it is worth it. But no idea on the gearbox, I think the diff still sends the same amount of power and torque, just to the wheel with most grip so your gearbox probably won't change. Having a diff put in a car after factory is quite pricey but getting one included from factory if an option, is a must in my opinion.
  13. The box gets switched off when the policy ends. I had them for my first year and they penalise you even for doing the speed limit, guess I missed out on their 'bonuses'. 😂
  14. Talking about bulbs, Autobeam offer a range of upgraded bulbs for fiestas and other cars. I used them before and I have to say they are really good
  15. I know the hybrid Pumas have a bigger turbo cause the electric motor eliminates the extra lag the bigger turbo would produce, when you mean the 125hp Puma, do you mean with the hybrid motor or without? Cause they sell two variants.
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