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  1. I had a choice between another fez st or a st line, I decided to go for the st line, the horror year I had with the st I just can’t get out of my head 😂
  2. Great news can’t wait till I get mine, have you tried stage 2 yet 👀😂
  3. Nankang sports always had them on my rs and st, always thought they was a good all round tyre
  4. I’m not sure on the brakes, is it my eyes but them discs look odd, maybe it’s just the picture but looks like indent lines in them 🤔
  5. Sorry to bump this thread back to life but I just wanted to confirm that the Castrol 1239874 magnatec professional 5w 20 e is the right oil as I never got the hand book when I bought this car, ***** Halfords keeps pushing me to the 5w 30 when entering my reg
  6. I’ve never had a problem with heat soak when I was running big power in my mk2 focus st with airtec crossover, and we all know how hot they run lol and with the 1.0 I can’t see a problem, I’ve never heard anyone mention heat soak with there pipes. And thinking about it I’ve never given it much thought really, just to add I’m running the crossover on my 1.0 and seems all ok 👌
  7. Not a clue on that one I would email scc to make sure you can run the pedal box with the map, with the scc map you may no longer need it anyway
  8. Never used puma speed myself, but people will always have problems with tuners 😂
  9. Was looking at there hybrid turbo when I go stage2 it’s a option I may go for, can’t see the standard turbo lasting that long when is maxed out on psi
  10. Yeh not keen on the overrun especially on a 1ltr lol
  11. I believe vibe do a upgrade package for £150 there are some YouTube vids about and also the vibe plug and play micro amp to get the best out the speakers, or just buy adapters and your own speaker of your choice. I have a 7.5 and will be ordering this next month they also do it for the mk7 Android 8.1 Double Din Head Unit Car Stereo for Ford Fiesta 2009-2017 GPS Navigation 9 Inch Touch Screen Multimedia Player Radio Receiver Carplay DSP RDS https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BZPC1VF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_59WBVM7AP3A7796J8ESQ
  12. I was on a couple of ecoboost pages that had it done they seem to be happy if you have bought the handheld device it should come with stage 1 and stage 2 pre loaded
  13. Straight swap here is a pic of my old car with the zs diffuser on, looking at it now I prefer that then my st line One, I might change it now 😂
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