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  1. Wheel Whine

    Cheers I'll get it checked out and hope that's what it is. FYI the noise appears to be coming from the rear right side.
  2. Wheel Whine

    Hi I have recently started noticing an increased whining noise coming from one of the wheels on my ford focus sport 56 plate. I have had wheel bearings go in the past on other vehicles and to my mind that is a low rumbling or grinding sound. This time it’s a whine and its speed related so for example it’s much more noticeable at 40mph on a smooth road. I’m wondering if this is tyre related rather than wheel? I fitted 4 new tyres a year ago and there has been no issues since about a month ago. Has anyone encountered something similar?
  3. Mud Flaps

    I actually tried one of those crayons, it came with the colour wax and i have to say i thought they were a waste of time, it didn't seem to fill the scratches at all. Is proshine a brand name? I may have a wee look on ebay later.
  4. Mud Flaps

    Well i finally got round to fitting my mud flaps at the weekend. Now before i fitted them and having read these forums i knew there was an issue with the focus re stone chippings along the sills etc. I thought i had one large (bout the size of a 10p) area where the paint had just come off, i presumed a large stone or something had taken it off. It was only when i looked closely behind the front mudflap area that i could see what i thought was splash dirt marks was in fact chipped paint. From where the front mud flap is, going right along the sill for about 24 inches is chipped and marked paint work. As i said above i never really noticed before i assumed it was dirt and would wash off, i think the reason i thought that was because with the topcoat off (tango red) i assumed the primer would stand out but it doesn't it just looks like dirt splatter from the front tyre. It's funny when you have a car a few weeks you suddenly notice all these things you didn't see in the showroom, for example i thought the car was virtually scratch free..................in the past 4 weeks i've lost count of the new little scratches and chips i've found :(
  5. Mud Flaps

    Ordered a full set last night :)
  6. Leak From Hatch

    Not sure, i was just told they put it back together and tightened everything up....bit vague i know but thats arnold clark ;(
  7. Mud Flaps

    £50...Ouch! Without wishing to appear thick what is the VIN number it asks you to provide?
  8. Mud Flaps

    Having read a few of the issues a MkII Focus can have with chip marks on rear doors and elsewhere is it prudent to fit a full set of mud flaps? Cosmetically i'm never sure if mud flaps add or detract from the look of a car but if it's going to save the paintwork i'm not too bothered. Any thoughts?
  9. Leak From Hatch

    Just a wee update from last weeks trip to Arnold Clark. After 2 days of testing (ahem) they could find no leak. They removed the hatch and then put it all back together again they said this might have fixed the problem but they also hinted at me leaving the hatch open which i may have done but on the focus the alarm sounds if you leave any door open so i can't see how i'd have missed that. So we shall see after the next rain storm.
  10. Ford Radio

    Just a quickie if i may I have the basic ford radio in my 56 plate focus sport, i was wondering if the radio that can be found in the 58 and i pressume onwards focus's would fit? The new radio is more curved but it seems to sit on a rectangular plate of similar dimensions to the basic and somewhat naff 56 model?
  11. Leak From Hatch

    It's a 56 plate and i'll let you know Thursday what happens.
  12. Leak From Hatch

    Got booked in for Thursday and will get a free courtesy car, except i need to pay £11 .....for insurance, so much for free.
  13. Leak From Hatch

    Well had the focus for 3 weeks now, all beginning to settle down, liking it more and more and then this morning the wife tells me we have a leak, i go take a look and the lower part of the rear right seat is soaking. After a bit of investigation the rear of the seat is soaking also so i am assuming the water is getting in through the rear hatch somewhere going down the gap in the parcel shelf and down the back of the seat then running underneath to soak the cushioned area. Anyone know if this is a known issue or am i just unlucky. The suspicious in me says is this why arnold clark had this model inside?
  14. Average Mpg

    I bought the car from arnold clark and was told it had received a g71 which is i think the most basic of services, maybe new oil and filter at best. Slugsy your first link didn't work
  15. Average Mpg

    Thanks Just fitted a new air filter the old one was black, hopefully that might improve my MPG all be it ever so slightly ;)