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  1. Is it right when the numbers are like these? What is the right number that focus mk3,5 1.0 should be be at? Full throttle it reaches 0,8-0,9. When running without throttle it is about 0,3-0,1. When stopped it is about 0,7-0,8.
  2. The manual turbo booster valve was connected almost a month ago. So far so good. No issues. As the mechanic, the technical support and others said since there are no issues like CEL (check engine light) then it is alright and it should let it be as it is. It seems to work fine on the third or fourth turn (click). Performance is increaced. The difference is noticeable. Not very big. It was tested many times. It didnt solve entirely the boost leak problem, again CEL turned on a few times when driving on a hil with 6th gear (a car shouldnt be drived like this, but it was done to be tested). It turned on when the manual turbo booster was on zero (like when the booster is not connected, off) and when it was clicked (on). Fuel consumption is still on normal levels (when it was remaped/tuned it was very high). Generally manual turbo boosters are not recommended on ecoboost engines, but since there are no issues for now (after a month) and no CEL then it seems to be alright.
  3. If a 200 cpsi sport catalyst (euro6) replaces the original should problem codes appear (CEL)? Should it increase performance?
  4. Bol

    Focus racechip

    There are two lines below. Those show the torque.
  5. Bol

    Focus racechip

    This thead was opened for anyone who would like to know about racechips. It was on the third level (up to five or seven) when dynotested. This car has it for two years now.
  6. Bol

    Focus racechip

    The local tuner's remap/tune broke two pistons in less than three months on a 1.0 mk3 focus.
  7. Dynotest racechip.
  8. Prefer lpg systems that can be adjusted after the installation. The three basic things about lpg conversion. The lpg system (should be adjustable, quality) The installer. The adjustement.
  9. Could the stock (oriiginal) catalyst if the rest of the exhaust is changed (larger diameter pipes, free flow resonator, freel flow muffler) harm the engine? (Venturi phenomenon) Could the turbocharger be over heating because of that? Should it be better with a 200 cpsi catalyst?
  10. Should the dowpipe be the same diameter as the rest of the exhaust or should it be larger? Which is better? Could all exhaust pipes including the dowpipe be 21,6 inches?
  11. You should visit perhaps an exhaust workshop that have experience on changing exhaust. When changing exhaust such problems should not be.
  12. Thank you for the information. You are very helpful. I shall discuss all these with the mechanic. I hope this thread will be of assistance to others as well.
  13. The original is considered to be a bov or a recirculation valve?
  14. Turbosmart Recirculation valve. So this is recommended. They claim that it is better that the original and keeps boost high. Does the the same sound as the original or more?
  15. The turbosmart kompact bov and recirculation valve seem to do the same job. Their difference is the way each one does it. That is what can be read for each one on their technical features. Turbosmarts reply about turbosmart booster tee. The boost tee can technically adapt onto any car if it has a pneumatic internal wastegate.
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