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  1. Wind Deflectors Or Not?

    Not sure to be honest.... just fancy them! I am 50-50 on them
  2. Wind Deflectors Or Not?

    As per my pic in my avator, my fiesta is mars red and the rear windows are not dark tinted. I was thinking about getting climair wind deflectors, but unsure what will look best. Clear or dark or not bother!!!! Any suggestions
  3. Hot Magenta

    +1 for showroom shine, excellent stuff. My fezza is mars red (metallic orange) and comes up a treat I also use it on my alloys
  4. Making Air Con Colder

    Thanks for all the info. I am in two minds to insulate or not (proberly will not due to the below) Upon driving today, the pipes were ice cold. Mind you it was 27c outside. The engine bay was roasting hot and the pipes were dripping with condensation. I agree that insulation will help keep the pipes colder so they will be colder when it reaches inside the car, BUT won't the condensation turn to ice inbetween the pipes and insulation? ta
  5. Making Air Con Colder

    Thanks, I am very interested in this, as the temp in my air con never gets below 7c
  6. Making Air Con Colder

    Sounds interesting. Can you supply any more info / photos please?
  7. Making Air Con Colder

    I will have to agree with Stoney, you will be lucky to get below 7c. You will see earlier posts from myself regarding this matter on my 2011 1.25 Zetec. Ford Customer service were involved, and after two regass (first did not have correct amount in) they said that 7-8c is the lowest it will go. I love the car, but the air con lets it down (I like the cold). My old mk2 Focus was like an ice box!!
  8. Speakers For Mk7

    now to talk the misses into getting an ST!!!! lol
  9. Speakers For Mk7

    Re the air con, you are not alone. I have a 61 plate 1.25 Zetec. Purchased it 1 year old October last year. Mine too will not go below 8c. It has been to Ford twice now for regassing. There is no leak, and Ford claim it is within spec. If you search the internet, many people comment on how poor the air con is. The poor air con may be a reason for me not to keep mine. My other half's Hyundai I10 is like an ice box, Lovely in this weather!!!
  10. Mk7 Blower Motor Failure

    I have not heard of this happening before, but tomorrow I would get on the phone to Ford Customer Relations and log an issue. Explain how it has been serviced at main dealer from new, and that this part should not fail, especially on a car this new. Ford may not pay for all, but may 'as goodwill' pay a contribution towards it. Worth a try
  11. Best Colour Fiesta?

    Mars Red.,.... Sorry Metallic Orange!
  12. Air Conditioning Temp

    Hi all, Cuke, thanks for your reply. Upon having the regas, the other week, I emailed Ford UK from their main www.ford.co.uk webpage asking as to what their tech dept state the temp should be. Today, I had a telephone call from their Customer Support team saying that it should be no more than 5-6c. I stated that it was not a complaint, just a question, and they asked me to have the car booked back in to my dealer to be looked at. Claimed Ford Tech will be calling them on the day too. For reference, when temp was 23c outside recently 8c through vent on speed 1-3 9.5c on 4 after regas... 20c outside 8.5c 14c (today) 9c Will update next week once they have had another look at the car....
  13. Air Conditioning Temp

    Cheers btmalden Well, took car back to dealership where I bought car from. Had air con regassed at my cost (not covered on warranty) and.......... no difference It settles at 7-8c Looks like I will have to live with it.
  14. Air Conditioning Temp

    Cheers for the replies peeps! Seeing that I have only had the car since end October 2012, I will contact dealership just to get their take on it (not due for service until September). My old focus was around 4c, and my other half's Hyundai I10 is 5c. I remember my old 2007 Transit Connect work van, I managed to get ice on the windscreen from the air con in JUNE!!!! To be honest, not impressed if that it the coldest it gets...
  15. Air Conditioning Temp

    Hi, I have a mk7 1.25 zetec 3dr 2011 model on a 61 plate, and was wondering how cold the air con should be when on full cold? Its warm and sunny here down in london today, read 23c out Slight over read I think, but the air con does not feel that cold. Put a thermometer in one of the vents and struggling to get it below 8c. Is this normal? My old 2008 focus was like an ice cube on full cold! I run the air con at least one every two weeks to keep it circulated Cheers TB