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  1. Thanks to you both for all your help. I put back connector on pump , checked all BCM connectors for signs of water ingress , found nothing looked totally healthy. Had given up thinking it might have to go to garage, played with the push button several more times and the on tenth push water started to spray , and has been working ever since. I have obviously pushed this many times before with no sucsess. so no real idea why its suddenly working but i think it now firmly points to bad push switch on stalk as suggested . thanks again for all the help, if goes again i will invest in new stalk, before any further investigation
  2. I have found and watched the video and can certainly look at the connectors to see if any evidence of water ingress. The pump and connector look ok unlike there pump in the video where you could see water on the connector. so i re read what DAn62 had said about the switch providing the current straight to the pump and the switch itself provides the ground, and signals the BCM to operate the wipers. Given the wipers are operating could it be a fault in the push in switch not making a good ground connection and nothing to do with BCM ?
  3. thanks UNOFix - very frustrating to know its a common problem at BCM plug . but makes sense what you are saying , and i see what you say about one wire not correctly being made to ground but could still carry positive voltage when driving the other way. Given you extensive knowledge could it be as simple as BCM plug needs drying or is it likely to have caused a problem in BCM itself. ? At this point do you think it could be the connector on to the pump as i would prefer not to cut connector off just to eliminate bad wire to connector problem as if not that then i will have to reconnect it ?
  4. so been out again today and rigged up a bulb to provide load - disconnected from pump but added volt meter to check voltage if light did not work. following tests. ignition on - checked at rest i have 12 volts on both wires as i believe is correct. operate rear or front washer switch monitoring both wires and as switch is operated i get 12 volts in one direction and then 12 volts in the other, as i would expect. Add in the bulb. operate rear washer switch - bulb lights up - meter reads 12 Volts. Rear wiper wipes a couple of times correctly. operate front washer switch bulb does not light and meter reads 0.5Volts - front wipers also wipe as they should. This i thinks proves as suspected that somewhere there is a short/leak under load in one direction only which i still don't understand how is possible. Tomorrow i tend to remove connector and fix bulb directly to wires to eliminate a connector fault , but after that i am at a loss again.
  5. Thanks half price but as i have said i have swapped the pipes at the motor so now the front washers work when i push back washer switch which illuminates any issues with pipes. I like the idea mentioned by unofix however to get the wires from a bulb to make a good connection inside the connector is very difficult. I think i will need to bite the bullet and cut connector off and put terminal block in series to allow me to try the bulb idea or/and possibly a new connector. It cant be the pump as i can connect a battery straight to it and it works perfectly in both directions. Just in summary i have 12V at each of the 2 wires connected to the pump at rest as it should be. Operating the front washer or rear washer switch, correctly sends one of the wires to ground (checked by my volt meter with connector removed from pump)providing a circuit for the pump, and the appropriate windscreen wiper wipes, which indicates to me BCM has recognised switch movement and correctly passed on its signals. But once put connector back on pump , only back washer pumps . Front wiper wipes but no noise at pump for front washer. All this points to a circuit leak/short under load between BCM and pump, most likely place being connector, but the bit i just cant understand hence my plea for help to any of you with good auto electrics knowledge , is why does the pump work at all ? if there is a short under load and the pump only has 2 wires going to it why under load does it continue to perform correctly when pos and neg are applied in one direction and yet refuses to operate when the polarity is reversed ? if their was a short/leak surely it would not work under load regardless of polarity ?
  6. just hoping that either unofi of Dan62 may see my last post and give an opinion. you have both been so helpful ,but really keen for you final thoughts on the subject any chance?
  7. sorry guys i have had a pc problem to prevent me getting back on here. thanks for the suggestions so far. Dan62 , your explanation fits in with my findings (and yes the wiper motor operates with a couple of wipes when i operate the front washer switch). The issues is i can disconnect the connector to the pump and monitor the 2 wires at the connector and can see, as each washer switch is operated one of the wires moves to ground to give me 12 volts +ve or -Ve at the connector . only when i reconnect to the pump, operating the front screen switch does not result in pump operating no noise at all. Back works fine. can switch washer pipes around to prove no blockage in pipes. Hence my confusion, if i can see each wire going to ground when connector is off of pump, and i can prove the pump is fine both directions when connected to battery direct, then it would point to a short somewhere under load , however if this was the case i should expect when i connected it to the pump not to work in either direction. Could it somehow short out in one direction and not the other ? could the connector be slightly faulty, making a poor connection that somehow operates the pump when flowing in one direction but not the other ? My knowledge of electronics at this level is weak. Thoughts
  8. Really confusing problem as to why windscreen washer wont work. On fiesta washer Pump works one direction to wash windscreen and other direction to wash rear window by the BCM sending 12 volts +ve or -ve to pump . I have removed pump and it works fine in both directions. I have checked at the pump connector that as the stalk is either pulled to wash windscreen or pushed to wash back window i get either 12 volts positive or negative , indicating that the switch is correctly signalling the BCM to provide the voltage as it should. However when i put the connector back on to the pump the pump only operates the back washer , and the pump makes no noise, when trying to wash the windscreen. I am at a loss as there are only 2 connecting wires to the pump, so in order for the back washer to function as it does there must be some continuity via connector and wiring, so how is it that when 12 volts is effectively reversed but using the same 2 wires , the pump makes no attempt to function. Remove the connector and connect battery direct both washers work depending where i place +ve and -ve connections. Anyone out there with good Auto electrical understanding to explain what might be happening. ? We thinking would be a short to earth when under load at connector or wiring loom but if that were the case neither washer function would work. Hence my total confusion (BTW i did break one of the wires going into the connector by accident and had to repair it , but this problem existed before i touched it and still exists since i repaired it so i don't think this is relevant) )
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